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Filemaker Pro 11.04 crashes when executing "Print" script step ("display dialog" option selected)

Question asked by RobW on Oct 12, 2012
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Filemaker Pro 11.04 crashes when executing "Print" script step ("display dialog" option selected)


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X Mountain Lion

Description of the issue

We have a database that has been working fine on our Mac computers with OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard and Lion.  One of our users ran the application on a Macbook pro yesterday that has Mountain Lion and when a "Print" button is clicked on a layout Filemaker crashes before displaying the OS X Print Dialog.  I had him try with another layout that uses the same script steps (different script) and this crashed also.  These scripts open a print layout in a "hidden window" (Height=0, Width=0, Top=0, Left = -5000) and then execute the "Print" script step with "Perform without dialog" not selected (shows the OS X Print dialog).  I'll have to update one of my Macs to Mountain Lion so I can step through the scripts, confirm, and see which step this is happening on but the only thing these scripts do is check that records exist, Open the print layout in the hidden window, sort, print setup, and print (with dialog)......

Tried this on a different report with a script step "Print" but with "Print without dialog" selected and it worked.  Also tried the same file on Macs with Snow Leopard & Lion and it did not crash.  It would seem that the culprit is the Print step that displays the OS Print dialog.  Searched but didn't find anything similar.  Has anyone else reported this problem?
Thanks, Rob Werning

Steps to reproduce the problem

This is the basic Print Script.....

New Window [Height: 0; Width: 0; Top: 0; Left: -5000]
Go to Layout ["prU_VesDocForm" (U_UVesDocForm)]
Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]
Set Error Capture [On]
Print Setup [Restore; No Dialog]
Print [Restore; No dialog]
Set Error Capture [Off]
Close Window [Current Window]

Expected result

Display OS Print dialog allowing user to select options.

Actual result

FMP crashes.