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FileMaker Pro 12 Crashes using Execute SQL

Question asked by Solaris on Oct 22, 2012


FileMaker Pro 12 Crashes using Execute SQL


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.7.4 Intel

Description of the issue

Using "Execute SQL" on statements over 64K crashes FileMaker Application.  FileMaker fixed this issue back in version 9 or 10.  But now it seems that the limit of text a statement can have was limited again.

I regularly use "Execute SQL" to speak with MySQL tables, adding large amount of data.  Being able to send a statement larger than 64K would be nice again.  Besides, it crashes FileMaker Pro 12, and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced.


I have to limit my SQL statements to sneak under this 64K limit (or 32,767 Unicode characters) so that FileMaker does not crash.