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Filemaker Pro 12 is a Beta Product at best

Question asked by JonathanBrostoff on Apr 12, 2012
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Filemaker Pro 12 is a Beta Product at best


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac 0SX Lion

Description of the issue

Where do I begin?

Everything I am listing here worked very very well in FM11.
1.  ScriptDebugger.  Incredibly slow. Not really usable.
2.  Frequent Crashes and Shut Downs (from Server and from the program)
3.  Remote databases crash every few minutes.
4.  Much slower script operation. (e.g. I have a script to constrain a list as you type.  Works about 50% as fast as FM11)
5.  Many other actions are just slower in general.
6.  In a Mac, if you go to a new window with an Interactive Container, the arrow is jumpy and buggy using Adobe Reader 10.1.2 as the default reader. Doing the same thing using Windows 7 (and Adobe Reader 10.1.2 as the default reader), you can't even get the container field to work because Adobe reader (the application) opens up in Full screen.  When you close the application, you cannot see the pdf in the container field in filemaker pro.