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    FileMaker Pro 13 Installer Error



      FileMaker Pro 13 Installer Error


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 8

      Description of the issue

      When trying to install FileMaker Pro 13, I get "error 2755. Server returned unexpected error 1632 attempting to install package c:\users\...\FileMaker Pro 13.msi"

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Happens with v12.0.4 as well. Can't install it.

      Expected result

      That it would install.

      Actual result

      It does not install.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      See "Description of the issue".




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               Ryan -

               Thank you for your message.

               I am not familiar with this error message but I have some generic system troubleshooting suggestions that will likely resolve this:

          1.           Check for and delete temp files from your TEMP (or equivalent) directory.  Along the same lines, verify that the TEMP directory exists and that you / your system can write to it.
          3.           Verify that you are trying to install FileMaker Pro using an account that has administrator access
          5.           Verify that you are not running low on hard disk space.
          7.           Try copying the installer that you downloaded to your Desktop and uncompress it there and then try and run the installer


               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 1. Yes, I can read/write to the TEMP folder and I deleted the files that were in there.

                 2. Yes, the account has administrator access.

                 3. We have 55.8 Gb disk space free on the C: drive, should be good there.

                 4. I tried running it from the Desktop and from the Download directory, still no luck. I even tried running setup.exe as Administrator.

                 Do you have any other ideas? I am at my wit's end with this one.



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                   Ryan -

                   If your TEMP files and directory checked out then there is something else on your system that is preventing the installer from working properly.  Do you have any anti-virus software or any other third party application running in the background when trying to install FileMaker Pro?  Maybe some disc encryption software?  Basically we are looking for anything out of the ordinary that might conflict with our installer application.

                   And just to confirm - you are running the SETUP application from the main folder and not the one that is located in the FILES folder.

                   This is not a reported problem that I am aware of so it has to be something on your machine that we need to track down.  Hopefully it is an application or utility running on your system that you temporarily need to disable long enough to install FileMaker Pro.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Thanks for the post, TS_Shark. 

                     I have scoured the system pretty thoroughly and I could not find any anti-virus software or third party applications that would block it. 

                     I had the idea of creating a new user account on the machine and attempting to install it under that account, so I will try that today and let you know.

                     Incidentally, I was able to download and install Malwarebytes trial with no issues. I ran it and it did not find anything. What's different about the FileMaker install that it would not work?

                     Thanks again,


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                       For a faster resolution, you might call FileMaker Tech support. They aren't supposed to charge for installation issues and they can walk you through a number of things to check. This would be faster than the "back and forth" of a forum discussion.