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Filemaker Pro 13 Popup Menu Bug (Record Load Trigger)

Question asked by ezz on Aug 25, 2014
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Filemaker Pro 13 Popup Menu Bug (Record Load Trigger)


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

Popup Menus open and values can be changed in a Popup Menu before the Record Load event/trigger completes.

Steps to reproduce the problem

- List View with at least 3 records
- Record load trigger to set a variable of the fields original value (on record load) and before any data is modified;
- Change value of popup menu in one record;
- Click directly on the popup menu in another record (thus changing records by clicking on the popup menu in an alternate record - the popup menu opens and the value can be changed before the record load trigger script completes for the newly selected record thus loading the new value into the variable instead of the original value before it was changed).
- Repeat with subsequent records (bug may only happen on second and subsequent record changes and not the first time).

Expected result

The record load trigger and script should complete before data in the popup menu field can be modified.

Actual result

Data can be changed in the Popup Menu list before the record load trigger and script that references the 'load state/value' of such field competes causing incorrect load state value to be read from the popup menu field.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Use a drop down list instead of a popup menu (the drop down arrow does not appear until after the record change and after the record load event completes like other fields.