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    FileMaker Pro 14 external authentication issues



      FileMaker Pro 14 external authentication issues


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      Our users currently have FileMaker Pro 13 and use files that are hosted on FileMaker Server 13.  We use external server authentication to control file access.  We have a Windows Server 2008 functional level domain (Active Directory).

      We just stood up a Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition server and installed FileMaker Server 14.  I then copied all of our hosted files from the FileMaker Server 13 machine over to the FileMaker Server 14 machine.  So now I have two FileMaker Servers (13 and 14) with identical copies of the hosted files on each one.  I also made sure my security settings match in the admin console (i.e. the Client Authentication setting set to "FileMaker and external server accounts").

      The problem is when I try to open hosted files (File -> Open Remote) using FileMaker Pro 14 Client (32 or 64 bit), I can't see the files hosted by FileMaker Server 13 or 14 unless I use FileMaker Authentication.  If I open FileMaker Pro 13 Client, I can see and open files hosted by BOTH servers.

      Both servers and clients meet the minimum requirements for install. I'm not seeing anything in the error logs either.

      Any ideas?  Thanks!

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      1. Stand up Windows Server 2012 Standard server with minimum system requirements.
      2. Install FileMaker Server 14 and configure for external server authentication and only view files for which the user has permission to use.
      3. Upload file with appropriate permissions to FileMaker server.
      4. Try to view file (File -> Open Remote) with FileMaker Pro 14 Client (32 or 64 bit).

      Expected result

      I should be able to see the appropriate list of files using FileMaker Pro 14 Client.

      Note that all of the appropriate files are visible if I use FileMaker Pro 13 Client.

      Actual result

      No files are visible (File -> Open Remote) when using FileMaker Pro 14 Client.

      All appropriate files are visible if FileMaker Pro 13 Client is used.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error messages are present.

      Configuration information

      All client machines tested are Windows 7 64 bit.
      The problem occurs on both FileMaker Pro 14 Client 32 and 64 bit versions.
      We have a Windows 2008 functional level domain (Active Directory).
      The FileMaker Server is virtual and hosted in a VMWare environment.


      None so far.

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          Brandon Jackson:


          Thank you for the post.


          I am unable to replicate. To attempt to replicate, I performed the following steps:


          1. Installed FileMaker Server 14.0.1 on a computer bound to an Active Directory domain

          2. Logged into the Admin Console > Database Server > Security (tab) > Client Authentication = “FileMaker and external server accounts”

          3. Checked box for “List only the databases each user is authorized to access”

          4. Uploaded a database file configured for “External server” accounts.

          5. Using FileMaker Pro 13.0v9 > Clicked “File” > Click “Open Remote” > Selected the FileMaker Server (see top of screenshot below).

          6. Using FileMaker Pro 14.0.1 > Clicked “File” > Click “Open Remote” > Selected the FileMaker Server (see bottom of screenshot below).


          The behavior was identical using FileMaker Pro 13 (Advanced) and FileMaker Pro 14 (Advanced), except the login prompt window looks slightly different. I tested both a Mac OS X client and a Windows client. 


          Please let me know if I am missing a step to replicate. 



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            TSFalcon: Thanks for your reply.  The steps that you took should have reproduced the problem in my environment.

            I am noticing something interesting regarding your tests:

            If you have a FileMaker Server instance (any version) with a hosted file that has appropriate permissions, it's my understanding (and experience) that the log on prompts will not be visible and the appropriate file(s) are displayed after clicking File->Open Remote and selecting the appropriate server instance. I've included an image of what I'm seeing.


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                Not sure if it is intended to work this way but I have similar issue accessing files hosted on FMS13.0v5 and FMS13.0v9

                Filemaker 13 clients work regardless of version (13.0v1, 13.0v4, 13.0v5), but the current version of Filemaker 14 client does not show files which require external authentication.

                I am on Windows environment - Windows clients (primarily Win7) - Windows 2008R2 servers.  Was this changed where external authorization files hosted on FMS13 cannot be accessed using FMP14 clients?



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                Robert White:

                Thank you for your post.

                FileMaker Pro 14 clients should be able to see files hosted with FileMaker Server 13.

                Your screen shot for FileMaker Pro 14 does not show the Favorites filter.  Is the Favorites filter turned on in FileMaker Pro 14?  If so, do the files show when the filter is turned off?

                FileMaker, Inc.

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                    The favorites filter was turned on, but even disabled the list remains blank on Win7-FMPA14 connecting to FMS13.0v5 and FMS13.0v9

                     I'm happy to run a trace or something if it would help in troubleshooting.  Since our applications rely 100% on Windows AD authentication that was working successfully in FMP11/12/13 this issue will prevent us from moving forward with FMP14 adoption.


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                    Robert White:

                    Is the File Display Filter turned on?  If you turn that off, do the files display?

                    Since you are on Windows, try bypassing the Launch Center by pressing Ctrl-Alt-O.  Does this work?

                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                        Re: File Display Filter, I am assuming you mean on the Favorite Host Settings:  "Show all available files for this host" is selected for all my servers in FMP14.  Please let me know if that is not what you meant.

                        Ctrl+Alt+O does open the traditional "Open File" dialog, which provides "Open Remote" that appears to use the FM12/FM13 dialog.  Files are listed properly (as in earlier versions).

                        This appears to be a workaround?  How in the world I would know to try Ctrl+Alt+O?  I don't even think I can resolve this for my users by using custom menus since at startup the users will not have a file open.

                        In my eyes this is clearly a Launch Center defect (presumably due to new code base) - it does not provide for Windows External Authentication to Active Directory.  Is there an option I can select during deployment to disable Launch Center for all 200+ installations?

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                        If I provide my active directory credentials the files appear in the Launch Center.  But it is important to note that these AD credentials have to be entered every time and for every file opened in a session.

                        I even tried checking the "Save password in Credential Manager" and it does not return the FM Pro 14 client to prior behavior.  A login is required every time I click "Open Remote" to see the list of files in Launch Center, and then again when I click a file to actually open it from the list.

                        Also note, while using the Ctrl-Alt-O option to open the file, I can see the list (presumably this is an improvement), but opening a file to which I have permissions still prompts for the username and password.

                        Are there thousands of users that don't have this issue on Windows (and the issue is related to my VM/Data Center?), or is the Windows community so small this stuff just doesn't get completely tested?

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                          The actual market share for windows systems is pretty large and please note that TSFalcon is trying to reproduce what you reported on a windows system but so far with no success.

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                            I can further confirm, at least for my scenario, I can taking VPN out as a factor.

                            Installed FMP14 on Win2008R2 x64 Server standard

                            • cannot list databases on the database server (in the same data center) running FMS 13.0.v5
                            • nor list databases on the UK server running FMS13.0.v9

                            Both work fine when using FMP13 on this same Win2008R2x64 machine.


                            @PhilModJunk - I was simply asking a question, it is reasonable that FM might apply less testing on obscure configurations with small install bases.  If a dozen people were to post here "this works fine for me in the same configuration", at least I'd know to get IT Infrastructure team involved because something was probably wrong with the VM/Firewall ports configuration.

                             I assume TSFalcon only tested the original OP's configuration back in May/June, as only TSGal has been responding to my posts so far.  Maybe TSFalcon didn't log into the Windows Domain on the test client?  I could only speculate posting 3 months after the fact.

                             But with FM14 client this problem does not appear to be intermittent - failure rate is 100% in this configuration.  Maybe Windows + Active Directory is small percentage of population?  With Filemaker 12 and Filemaker 13 external AD authentication has worked flawlessly without ever prompting the users for login information (unless their account password is expired or similar AD issue).

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                                    After some hours of toying with this, and installing FMS14 on a DEV server to see if it made a difference, I may have stumbled upon a partial solution.  I was suddenly able to open a test file on the FMS14 server that I had created and hosted immediately (prior to this I had been trying to open backup copies of production files from FMS13).

                                    The file that worked, was created new using FMP13, and then immediately hosted on FMS14.  I happened to notice that under "File options" > Open > "Allow Credential Manager to save password" was checked by default.

                                     I immediately edited one of my FMS14 files that hadn't been working using the FMP14 client and checked that box and I was prompted only one more time for credentials (and it accepted my AD credentials, and I ticked the option to save them to credential manager).

                                     Throwing caution to the wind, I edited one of my less critical files on FMS13, that had previously not been working, with FMP14 and checked the box under:  "File options" > Open > "Allow Credential Manager to save password"    and the file started working (i.e. opening without a prompt in FMP14).

                                     So long as I used Ctrl-Alt-O to get the Open Remote dialog I could select the file and auto-login. I cannot see the files listed on the Host like before, but if I can open it even one time using Ctrl-Alt-O I can mark it as a favorite or open it from Recent Files without the prompt.

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                                Robert White:

                                Thank you for the additional information.

                                Technical Support has also encountered a similar issue with a customer.  It appears that this issue occurs only with FileMaker Pro 14 when accessing files hosted by FileMaker Server 13.  I am working with the Support Technician to submit what we have to Development and Testing for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.

                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Just to confirm, is port 5003 open on FileMaker Server side? 

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