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    FileMaker Pro 6 recovery issue



      FileMaker Pro 6 recovery issue


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      We have a FileMaker Pro 6 database that shut down unexepectedly.  One of the files was damaged, so we attempted the recovery option.  We can now view the file, but cannot modify or add any new records. 

      The only viable backup we have was from last month, but there are just way too many records to re-input.  Is there another recovery option or way to allow the recovered file to be accessible again?

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          Open your back up copy, use save a copy as.... with the clone option to get an empty copy of your file. Then Use Import records to import all the data from your recovered copy... (Make sure you update the next serial value of any serial number fields after you are done to avoid getting records with duplicate serial numbers the first time you create a new recod.)