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    FileMaker Pro 7 - Programm freezes at start



      FileMaker Pro 7 - Programm freezes at start

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      Dear all,I currently have a problem with one client PC.Until last friday our filemaker database could be opened regularly. Now, the program doesn't start at all. The program freezes at the "filemaker welcome screen" (FileMaker Pro 7, User name, Company, Version, Loading ... Autoupdate)Can anyone help me with this problem.Thank you.  

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          Thank you for your post.


          A question that comes immediately to mind is, "What has changed since last Friday?"


          As FileMaker Pro 7 launches, the splash screen informs you what is loading at the time.  For example, if it freezes on "Fonts", then there could be a corrupted font.  If it freezes on "Initializiing...", there could be several reasons.


          It is possible that FileMaker Pro 7 has become corrupt, or one of the files that FileMaker Pro 7 uses to launch has become corrupt.  Try uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro 7.


          Please keep me posted with any update.



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