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Filemaker PRO 7 Problem when Printing

Question asked by TechnoPlusElectronik on Apr 30, 2010
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Filemaker PRO 7 Problem when Printing

Description of the issue

Hi, one of our customers have a problem printing with filemaker pro 7. The print job goes to the printer but it is missing some words from place to place. We tried a different printer (thinking it was maybe a driver issue, but it did the same on other printerrs. I even tried to print in a file (xps file) and in a pdf file, and it is always doing the same thing missing the same words ever y time. I tried erasing one of the words and type it back to see and it is doing the same thing as well. I am running out of Ideas, I installed the latest updates for Filemaker PRO 7 from your website and it did not resolve the problem, the customer really needs those documents for an important meeting next week and can't afford to have missing words and names on those. I would really appreciate if someone could give us a hand on this one as we are out of ideas. Thanks