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    Filemaker pro 9 v3 keeps crashing



      Filemaker pro 9 v3 keeps crashing


      FileMaker Pro


      9 v3

      Operating system version

      windows xp and mac 10.4.11

      Description of the issue

      We have Filemaker Pro 9v3 running on the pc and the mac. The program crashes without warning mainly when the pc is the primary user. Is there anyway to fix this? When it crashes there is no way to get back in without the pc having to reboot. This is our data base and can't afford to lose it.

      Steps to reproduce the problem


      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      no error messages

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          Sue Trader:

          Thank you for posting.

          Is the database on a shared network drive? This could cause crashing or corruption issues. The database should be opened on one of the machines locally and then the other machine should connect to it with File > Open Remote.

          Does the crashing occur at a specific layout or during a certain process? What actually happens when it crashes - does the program simply close on both machines?

          It seems strange that a reboot should be required. What prevents you from reopening FileMaker Pro and the database on the Windows machine after the crash? If the application is still running but frozen, can you force it to close in Task Manager?

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Yes, it is on a shared network drive. The file is kept on the shared pc. The file is usually opened by the pc desk and the mac users connect with the File > Open Remote.

            It doesn't matter what the pc person is doing in the program for it to freeze/crash. When it hangs on the mac we end up having to close the program. When we try to go back in, we get the message "File is damaged & could not be reopened."

            The pc has tried closing it in task manager and it just won't. If she tries to go back in after it freezes, Filemaker gives the message "File could not be opened. Permission denied". The she definitely has to reboot the pc.

            Could this be a problem that can be corrected if we reinstall it on the pc?

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              Sue Trader:

              I would be concerned about having the file hosted on a remote drive. This makes it possible for multiple applications to open the file directly at the same time which could cause the above behavior. Does the crashing happen if you copy the file to the Windows machine and then host it? If so, then a reinstall may be the next step to try. You may also want to try testing another file or a backup; the crashing could even be caused by file corruption.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                The actual file is hosted on the pc. The macs are able to connect and open the file. When the file does crash, if I open it first (I'm on a mac), I get a message about the file needing to be checked for damage and corruption but it always comes back fine.

                Is there anyway to check for file corruption? Should I just reinstall the program on the PC?

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                  Sue Trader:

                  It is possible to run a Recovery under the File menu.

                  The damage check is to be expected any time FileMaker Pro closes unexpectedly. You want to prevent this crashing since it can damage the file. Again, I recommend removing the database from any fileshares.

                  How frequently does the crashing occur; can you consistently reproduce it? When did the crashing start? Is it only crashing on a single database or for multiple ones?

                  FileMaker, Inc.