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    Filemaker Pro 9.0v3 crahes on printing



      Filemaker Pro 9.0v3 crahes on printing

      Description of the issue

      We have an issue with Filemarker Pro 9.0v3 crash when a print job is sent.Printing causes an error:Filemaker Pro.exe has encounter a problem and needs to close.-         AppName: Filemaker pro.exe  AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 Offset:000431a0   -         This error can be generated weather printing a 2 page or 600 page doc. Not limited to page sizes ie both A4 & A3 printer will receive the error.-         Sometimes on error but not consistent, the monitor display of the DB inside the Filemaker Pro window will become ‘squished/overlapping’-         Some of the print results form an error associated print request will be that some of the pages do print but the last are all blank.-         On a 600page doc. the error accrued. So they tried to cut down the amount of pages to print at a time. Ie 100 = error, 50 = error, 20pages where able to print but only twice before the error. The sent 10= error, 8 pages at a time printed ok. It was decided to send to a PDF & print PDF.  Test Print: pages 1-6 of a 1200 page doc.-         Sending to a networked Rico (Driver – RICO Aficio MP 3500 PCL 6) = Error-         Restart Filemaker-         Sending to Local HP1010 USB Printer = NO Error-         Send again to networked Rico = Error Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.Regards,DaveJ

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          Thank you for your post.


          Seeing that some pages print before the error, means the data is getting to the printer, but something is causing FileMaker to stop.  Is there a print buffer that is getting full and telling FileMaker to stop?  Are you able to change the size of the print buffer?  If so, does that help?


          I'm assuming this works fine with other applications.  Do the other applications send as much data to the printer?


          You mentioned "a 2 page... doc" also causes a problem.  True?  I see where you sent 10 pages, and 8 printed fine.  If you send one page, do you still receive the error?


          I don't have a good idea where the problem lies, but I'd like to narrow down as many possibilities before proceeding.



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            Hi Dave,


            I think you are experiencing exactly what I've said a couple of threads below this. I bet if you try and print either the relationship diagram or the scripts, it prints fine?


            I emailed tsturtle on here with my "application log" - perhaps you should do the same, tsgal would probably advise you better?


            What platform are you using, im in Vista?

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              Good call.  However, in this case, it is a little early to ask for an application or network log.


              In this case, the printing works to a local printer, but crashes when sent to a network printer.  FileMaker is able to send some data to the network printer, so I need to narrow it down to why the printer isn't receiving all the data, or if FileMaker is stopping the printing output.  Right now, it is difficult to determine where that problem lies, so I need to get more information before proceeding.



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                Thanks for the quick replies.

                Some updated & clarified info.


                - The wkstns are Win XP sp2

                - The Monitor display (squishy text) doesn’t always happen, it only seems to happen on the big print jobs ie100+ pages, when it does – this is when the print job will only print a few pages & the rest blank The pages sent under the WinXP pinter doc que usually match.
                       Ie send 100p doc. – the Que will count 60 pages & stop, screen goes squishy,    Printer will print 60 pages & 40 blank. 

                - The print jobs have been tested on Xerox & Rico printers with similar results.

                - Have tested 2 Local HPs & they are still working ok, but only tested small jobs

                - Some times the WinXP Error “Filemaker Pro.exe has encounter a problem and needs to close.” Will be generated 2 or 3 times. Every time being the same details ntdll.dll

                - Print Buffers? I’ll have to go check. But just to clarify, this issue is killing Filemaker, not just telling it to stop.

                - The issue seems to relate to any print jobs. We can’t see a pattern between print jobs with different formats/fields/or just plan text.

                - All other applications are fine. We have other large print runs with Access DB info & Mail merges, non of these have an issue.

                - There was an 8 page straight text doc sent this morning & had the Filemaker error.

                - I can confirm that the issue happens on a 2page doc, I’ve asked them to test the 1page print job.

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                  Thanks for the clarification.  It does help, but I still don't have an answer.


                  Since this prints fine to the local HP printers, can you put one of the HP printers on the network and see if it prints?  Perhaps, switch it out with the Rico printer?


                  Likewise, are you able to print to the Rico printer locally?


                  If you are able to print to the HP on the network, and not print to the Rico locally, then it may be a driver problem.  However, if are still only able to print locally, then there is a FileMaker/Network issue, and we may need to see your database file.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the file.



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                    I have found an Issue printing from Filemaker 9.0v3. (windows vista, XP)


                    If a line (made with the line tool in filemaker) breaks across pages, Filemaker will crash when the layout tries to print. ( If a field breaks the page as well, it will not crash)


                    Since differant printers have differant printable areas, this can cause a layout to print fine on one printer, and not on anouther.


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                      Thank you for your post.


                      I just printed a document using the line tool multiple times on a layout, and several of those break across the page.  I am using FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 on Windows XP Service Pack 3.  I printed to an HP LaserJet 4050N on the network.


                      Is it possible get a clone of your file?  I would like to try it here?  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send your file.



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                        Thanks for the suggestion about swapping the printers – the HP local for a network, but at the moment its not an option. Due to the local HP’s being small desktop lasers & the Rico& Xerox being very large multifunction machines for large printing/publishing purposes.


                        While I like the idea to test this, this would take a lot of work & interruption to normal daily activities. I’d need to do this after hours & I’m not sure if the large Rico’s & the Xerox actually have a local connection.

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                          Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I'm getting the same error. I am printing to a network printer.


                          I can print once and everything is fine. I try to print the exact same report a minute later and it crashes FileMaker. My server is running 8.0 and my client is This is only happening with one of my documents on the server.


                          I have FileMaker 8.0 Advanced on my computer and I don't get any errors with that application. Unfortunately, my staff is all on 9.0.


                          Any suggestions?




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                               Hey mk_harris, No I haven’t found a fix to this, so spending more timing looking for options to replace FileMaker rather than fix it. if your problem is happening consistently with 1 doc then sounds like your issue is slightly different to mine. At the time I was looking into this I do remember reading some posts somewhere about a FM function or object inside a document that would cause this. Sorry I cant remember the exact details. heres a site that may be helpful


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                              There was a problem occurring with a HP P1006 printer where the first time it would print fine, but on subsequent printings, FileMaker Pro would crash.  Interestingly, if the user uses the tab key between the printing options (instead of using the mouse), FileMaker Pro does NOT crash.  We are aware of this issue with the HP P1006, so it may be appearing with other printers, too.  Please try using the tab key between the print options instead of the mouse and let us know if this works.



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