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    FileMaker Pro Adv 10 bug



      FileMaker Pro Adv 10 bug

      Description of the issue

      I am having FileMaker Pro Adv 10, installed in Windows XP sp2. The bug is: when I am in layout mode, I click on the layout list, and scroll down and find the layout that I want to make change, then I click on the layout name,  I suppose to get the clicked layout to show on the screen, but FileMaker Pro Adv 10 response me with the last layout.  ( I set up all layout not to include in the layout menus.) This bug happens when I have 381 layouts, and I wanted to go to a layout that is closed to the end layout. Let's say, I want to go to the 340th layout, but the system stop on the last layout even Iclicked on the 340th layout name. This is a bug for sure.

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             Curious question. Can you replicate this issue after you do a system reboot?
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            I can confirm this bug on Windows XP, sp3


            I created approximately 360 blank layouts in a brand new file using the keyboard shortcuts for Duplicate layout.


            I did not omit any of these layouts from the layout menu.


            I could duplicate this issue in both browse and layout modes.


            Somewhere around layout #250, two things happened:

            1. While scrolling, the layout menu suddenly skipped forward several layout names.
            2.  Selecting the very bottom visible layout name brought up the last layout (Layout #360) instead of the selected layout.

            Now going off for a few minutes to let my hand/wrist/arm recover from an incipient case of Karpal Tunnel Syndrome :smileywink:

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                 Since Mr. Vodka asked, rebooting does not appear to affect this issue.
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                   Since you already did the work, does this exist in 8.5 or 9? The reason that I asked about the reboot is because periodically starting with FM9 I get truncated list of Table Occurrence lists for layout selection etc. I have to do a system reboot for the issue to go away.
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                     I only have FMP 10 available. I could email you the file if you want to test it on those versions. Send me a PM with an email address if you're interested.
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                    Thank you all for the detailed information.


                    PhilModJunk - I have a number of machines and operating systems here, so it would save me a lot of time if you could also send me the file so I don't have to recreate it.  I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the file.





                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                         On the way.
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                        Thank you for the file.


                        Although I was unable to reproduce the problem on a Mac, I did reproduce it on Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista and Windows 7.  After narrowing this down, I discovered this occurs after the 255th layout.  After further searching (for "255" and "256" ) , I discovered that this issue was previously reported, and our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments were aware of this issue.  In addition, a Knowledge Base Article was attached to this issue:




                        This problem appears to be a Windows limitation with lists, and it is something Development will need to work around in a future release.


                        I'm sorry I wasn't aware of this issue previously, as it would have saved a lot of time for everyone.



                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Thanks everyone. I am glad that this bug has been recognized by the FileMaker team. I am looking forward to the fix release ASAP.


                          Jason Gan

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                               Hate to beat an old drum and sound negative, but the truth is probably that you will lucky if it gets fixed in the next version which you will have to buy and upgrade to.
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                              Steve Wright

                              Because of this bug, I created a layout navigation file which I open alongside my project.

                              Its fairly easy to create took about 10 minutes to get a basic one working.


                              All the layouts now list in a portal in their own window which is far easier to scroll up and down than the current dropdown list filemaker provides (especially with hundreds of layouts)


                              I got the idea from : http://www.filemakermagazine.com/videos/using-a-layout-manager.html


                              To gather the layouts I created a database with layout name, layout number and id

                              Created a cartesian join and set up a portal to display all records from the above table, sorted in whatever order you want or none atall.


                              I then used the following script to gather the layouts :


                              Set Variable[$layouts ; Value: LayoutNames("myfile.fp7")]

                              Set Variable[$layoutno ; Value: LayoutIDs("myfile.fp7")]

                              Set Variable[$value ; Value: ValueCount($layouts) ]

                              Set variable [$i ; Value:1]

                              Show All Records

                              Delete All Records


                                Exit Loop If [$i > $value]

                                New Record/Request

                                Set Field [Layout Name ; GetValue($layouts; $i ) ]

                                Set Field [Layout Number ; GetValue($layoutno; $i ) ]

                                Set variable [$i; Value $i + 1]

                              End Loop


                              Then set a button to call a script in my main database file, passing the layout number as a script parameter

                              The script then goes to the layout by number, using the script parameter as the number.




                              Perform Script ["LayoutManager" from file: "myfile.fp7" ; Parameter : LayoutManager::Layout Number]


                              The LayoutManager Script is another simple one.


                              Goto Layout [ Get(ScriptParameter) ]


                              When I add new layouts, I simply re-run the above script, I also set the layout manager to open up the main database file automatically, so I can launch it all by opening just the layout manager.



                              I hope this helps somebody....