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FileMaker Pro Adv 10 bug

Question asked by jasongan_1 on Nov 19, 2009
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FileMaker Pro Adv 10 bug

Description of the issue

I am having FileMaker Pro Adv 10, installed in Windows XP sp2. The bug is: when I am in layout mode, I click on the layout list, and scroll down and find the layout that I want to make change, then I click on the layout name,  I suppose to get the clicked layout to show on the screen, but FileMaker Pro Adv 10 response me with the last layout.  ( I set up all layout not to include in the layout menus.) This bug happens when I have 381 layouts, and I wanted to go to a layout that is closed to the end layout. Let's say, I want to go to the 340th layout, but the system stop on the last layout even Iclicked on the 340th layout name. This is a bug for sure.