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Filemaker pro adv. 13 slow startup when TMG firewall client installed

Question asked by ArmandDeVilliers on Feb 10, 2015
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Filemaker pro adv. 13 slow startup when TMG firewall client installed


FileMaker Pro


13.3 13.4 13.5

Operating system version

windows 7, 8 , 32bit / 64bit

Description of the issue

HI all,

Have been troubleshooting very slow startup times with Filemaker pro advanced 13 ( between 20-30 seconds).  Usual startup time for this pc is around 2-5 seconds.

The slowdown begins when I install the Microsoft Forefront TMG client from :

The proxy is configured to ignore TMG when accessing the servers IP range.  Even when disabling the TMG client completely, the slow startup continues.  It is not until I uninstall the TMG client when the Filemaker pro startup times return to normal.

I have tested this with Filemaker 11 and Filemaker Pro 12 and these versions are unaffected by the TMG client.

Operating systems affected are: Win 7 / 8 / 32 and 64 bit versions.

Have tried FM Pro 13.3  .4 and .5

Any solutions or workarounds available?



Steps to reproduce the problem

install tmg client from
after install, filemaker will take 20+seconds to start up

Expected result

startup time 2-3 seconds without TMG client

Actual result

20-30 seconds on I7 4770, SSD, 24GB RAM

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error message

Configuration information

does not appear to be a problem on filemaker version 11, or 12


uninstalling TMG client returns startup times to normal