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Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 showing current record contents instead of relative field

Question asked by KolevDworkin on Jan 18, 2011


Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 showing current record contents instead of relative field


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 11

Operating system version

Windows Server 2008 R2

Description of the issue

I set up a pulldown menu with external SQL Server tables as the data source.  When I look at fields with ID's, for instance a customerID, I want to show the customerName to the user.  I have set up the relative table/field options to show only the list of customer names from another table.  However, the customerID for the record always shows up in the list of the names I have selected to show from the relative table. This only happens with the pulldown menu.  If I set up a radio button or pop-up menu I do not get this behavior.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set up a pulldown menu to an external data source with both an ID field and a related text field.  Make sure the pulldown menu is pointed at the ID field as this is what you will be updating with a related value from the text field. Attempt to show the user ONLY the related text field in the pull-down menu.

Expected result

The expected result is you should be able to see the text equivalent of the ID field you have set up in the pulldown menu for the current value of the ID field, as well as show all of the other values from the related text field.

Actual result

The ID value of the current record always shows up in addition to all of the related text field values.  I do not want to see the ID, only the equivalent related value.  This only happens with pulldown menus.  Radio boxes and pop-up menus do not have this issue.