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FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v3 crashing

Question asked by dansmith65 on Jul 4, 2011
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FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v3 crashing


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 11.0v3

Operating system version

Vista Home SP2

Description of the issue

FileMaker intermittently crashes/hangs during development of database's.  By hang, I mean the program is un-responsive for about 5-10min.

I've had this problem off and on for about a year. Initially, I had these plug-in's installed:

While the above plug-in's were installed, FileMaker would crash. After un-installing all plug-in's, FileMaker would hang.
(intermittently, in both cases)

Today, I re-installed the AutoUpdate plug-in and within a few hours of development time, FileMaker crashed for the first time since I removed this plug-in.
(other plug-in's installed at this time were: ScriptMaster and a plug-in I built with ScriptMaster)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Crashes are intermittent, I don't know of any way to consistently reproduce.  However, it does seem to crash immediately after I use a keyboard shortcut (not necessarily the same one).

For example, once it crashed after I pressed Ctrl+Shift+D to open Define Database, another time when I pressed Alt > t > c > m to open Manage Custom Menus.

Expected result

don't crash

Actual result


Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

FileMaker Pro Advanced has stopped working

Configuration information

I saved the OS error log's related to the most recent crash, I can send them to anyone who's interested. Most of the relevant info from these logs is below:

Error,2011-07-04 9:58:52 AM,Bonjour Service,100,None,388: ERROR: read_msg errno 10054 (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)

Error,2011-07-04 9:58:45 AM,Application Error,1000,(100),"Faulting application FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe, version, time stamp 0x4d3f6749, faulting module MSVCR90.dll, version 9.0.30729.6161, time stamp 0x4dace5b9, exception code 0xc0000417, fault offset 0x0006ccd5, process id 0x120c, application start time 0x01cc3a4d1d8b087a."


Un-install AutoUpdate plug-in, wait 5-10min for FileMaker to respond again.