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Filemaker Pro Advanced install corrupts hd?

Question asked by marcosx on Mar 14, 2012
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Filemaker Pro Advanced install corrupts hd?


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.6.7

Description of the issue

Either Filemaker Pro Advanced install is corrupting my hard disk or my 6 month old MacBook Pro is having disk failure.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1st attempt:
1. Run Filemaker Pro Installer ( note: standard product installer)
2. Run Filemaker Pro Advanced Update Installer

The updater never found a program to install.  But now my Macintosh is also hosed to the point where "Disk Utility" cannot repair the disk and recommends me to recover as many files as possible and then reformat the disk.

2nd attempt:
1. I reformatted my disk, checked for errors, no errors
2. Followed the steps from above in the 1st attempt and got the same results.  Disk corrupted beyond the point of repair.

3rd attempt:
1. Reformatted disk, checked for errors, no errors
2. Installed FileMaker Pro
3. Launched Filemaker pro
4. Quite Filemaker Pro
5. Launched the FM Pro Advanced update
6. Installed worked
7.  Launched FM Pro Advanced
8. Quit the application
9. Launched "Disk Utility" and check for errors, there was an errors but it was repairable.

So my issue is this, it was painful to lose my data from my system but I did have a backup that I could restore to.  In running Disk Utility a few times there is nothing wrong with the disk.  If there is I am still in warranty and Apple would fix it but at the moment they will not see anything wrong with it.

Could somebody at Filemaker try to reproduce this issue?  If it is a FM issue then fine, but otherwise I need to get my laptop into a state where I can reasonably trust it.

Expected result

Not to have a corrupted sik

Actual result

Corrupted disk