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FileMaker Pro Advanced Server 11.04 crashes clients when using drop down lists in data entry

Question asked by dyoung1 on Nov 17, 2011
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FileMaker Pro Advanced Server 11.04 crashes clients when using drop down lists in data entry


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS 10.6 Server

Description of the issue

Issue is intermittent. Does not happen every time data is entered using a dropdown list. Does not happen on the same list or field everytime.
Files are accessed through the server. All client machines are using OS 10.6.8 and FileMaker Pro 11.04 or 11.03. One client machine is using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.04. At first it appeared to be one dropdown list in one field. Now it happens in any field that uses a drop down. All the dropdowns are custom value files. Some fields are dropdown list and some are pop-up menus.
Sometimes when client signs back in to FileMaker Pro and try to go to the same record they were on, they get a message that another client is updating the file... only the other client listed is their name.
The  client with the FileMaker Pro Advanced sometimes gets a message that the serial number is being used by another client. That client is the only one with Advanced loaded on their machine.

Steps to reproduce the problem

When entering data, either tab into the field or place cursor and click the field. List appears. Make selection and computer pauses and then the FileMaker Pro application crashes on the client machine.

Some days the problem doesn't happen at all and other days one client may drop as many as six times. Some days it is one client and another day it may be four clients dropping at various times and at different spots in different layouts.

Happens on multiple layouts utilizing drop down list.

Expected result

Expect to go to next entry field.

Actual result

Application shuts down. Loss of all data entered to that point on the current record.

(Data is not saved until exit the record)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Don't remember exact text.

Something to the effect of FileMaker Pro has unexpectedly quit.

Configuration information

Have rebuilt the complete database. Problem still occurs.


Removed the drop down lists from one layout and made the Fields all Edit box fields. Client has to key all entries.