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    Filemaker Pro crash on 2008 TS (only 1 user affected)



      Filemaker Pro crash on 2008 TS (only 1 user affected)


      FileMaker Pro


      Operating system version

      Windows 2008 Terminal Server

      Description of the issue

      Filemaker Pro crashes but only 1 user has this issue.
      In total the TS is used by 5 to 8 people.
      The server worked fine untill march 21st, 2012. According to the eventlogs this is the 1st date the error is reported.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      The process crashes at random. The user says he is working in different modules of the application buitl on top of filemaker.
      I have checked to see if any windows updates were activated on the 21st but that is not the case

      Expected result

      new form to confirm input or view data

      Actual result

      error on screen "Filemaker no longer responding"

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Faulting application FileMaker Pro.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a3ad6bc, faulting module FileMaker Pro.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a3ad6bc, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000cdfe6, process id 0x25a0, application start time 0x01cd074c9a614060.



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          Gerhard Radstake,

          Thank you for posting.

          The cause of a random crash can be very difficult to identify; it may take some time to gather enough information to do so.

          Since you have had no problems until now, and now only with one client, I would first check for changes related to that client.

          Has the client with the issue had any changes on the hardware or software it is running?

          Are there any other clients configured the same way, accessing the same solutions?


          Here is an excerpt from the FileMaker guide for Running FileMaker Pro 10 on Terminal Services :

          The hardware requirements for Terminal Services depend on how many clients will be connecting at a time and the usage requirements of the clients.

          The Terminal Services clients that are supported by FileMaker Pro 10 have the following specifications:

          Microsoft Windows: Terminal Services Client (Remote Desktop Connection) version 6.0.6001 (Microsoft XP) or version 6.0.6000 (Microsoft Vista) running in Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.11.

          Terminal Services shares executable resources among users, so memory requirements for additional users running the same application are less than the requirements for the first user to load the application.

          More RAM per client is recommended if your solution is memory-intensive or if you are serving multiple applications in addition to FileMaker Pro.


          Have you been able to identify any pattern to the time of day, level of activity or types of files being processed on this client?

          Please let me know if you have gathered any additional information.  More details associated with this client may help narrow down the source of this issue.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            As all clients work on the terminal server the hardware and software configuration is the same for all users.

            there has been no change on this other than the regular windows updates.

            about 5 or 6 other people have windows xp or windows 7 computers with the RDP client to connect to the TS

            The number of clients accessing the same solution is 5 or 6 and has not changed, there is occasionally a user change but not the user affected by the problem.

            This user is the owner of the business and has been working with the solution for over 2 yrs untill about 10 days ago when the crashes started.


            There is no pattern in time of day or in level of activity. The crashes have appeared early in the morning when this user was the only one working and also during peak hours. The crash also does not happen daily.

            In the eventlogs I have found some entries as below, this happens also to other users but the times this occurs is not close to the crashtime.

            Client "Name removed" authentication failed on database
            "CalSnap.fp7" using "Dataentry [fmapp]".


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              Gerhard Radstake:

              Since this is only occurring for one client, there is something in the client machine possibly interfering.  Keep in mind that FileMaker Pro does keep tempoary directory and files on the local system, so make sure there are no disk errors in the current system, as this could impact FileMaker Pro.  Also, since this worked for two years until "about 10 days ago", do you recall anything on that local computer that was installed or changed 10 days ago?

              Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Does the local hardware influence the behavior of the applications running in the terminal server session?

                All users work on the terminal server and in effect they all use the same hardware that is the terminal server hardware and software.


                Earlier this week I removed the local user profile but this had no effect.

                Is there a filemaker pro logfile I can check for details on this crash?


                Filemaker is not installed on the local machine but only used on the terminal server

                Can the crash occur due to lack of free diskspace?

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                  Gerhard Radstake:

                  If you have launched FileMaker Pro on the terminal server, then FileMaker temporary files will be created there.  Your previous posts weren't totally clear where FileMaker Pro was being launched.  Just to be sure, create a new database file with one field, and replace the contents of that field with Get (TemporaryPath).  This will let you know where the temporary files are being stored.

                  Let's move away from that for the time being.

                  Have you tried creating a new user folder and launching from there?  This would let you know if the original user folder is somehow compromised.

                  In case there is some setting on the original computer affecting the connection to the server, have the user login through another computer that is working.  Does this work?

                  These changes may help isolate where to focus.

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    I created a new user account and profile on the server and instructed the user to work in this the coming days.

                    This is a temporary solution just to find out if the new and clean profile gives no problems with the filemaker application.

                    Next week I expect to have the results from this action.