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    FileMaker Pro Crashes!!



      FileMaker Pro Crashes!!

      Description of the issue

      I recently upgraded to FileMaker Pro 10I also upgraded to Mac OS 10.5.6 FM10 crashes every time I try to:1) send it to print;2) try to view my data in "preview" mode and/or3) when I try to create a PDF. This is so aggravating.  Thanks for any help you can offer. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am running FileMaker Pro 10 successfully on Mac OS X 10.5.6, so let's try to determine what is different between our two systems.


          Are you able to enter Page Setup from the File menu?  If so, select a printer and click OK.  Now, when you select Print from the File menu, are you crashing?  If so, then restart FileMaker Pro and create a new empty database file with one field.  Enter one record and try to print again.  If this works, then there is something wrong with your database file.  If this fails, then we need to uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Pro 10.


          Let me know how this turns out before we progress any further.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            It would help to see a crash log to determine how/why/where the program was crashing.  The crash log reports the exact environment of the crash as well as the immediate reason and the context of the application at the time.


            You can find the crash log by...


            1. Opening up the Console application (go to /Applications/Utilities/Console.app in the Finder and double-click the application)

            2. Expanding "LOG FILES" in the log list on the left side of the window.  If the log list isn't visible, you can show it using the toolbar icon.

            3. Expanding "~/Library/Logs"

            4. Expanding "CrashReporter"

            5. Looking for the FileMaker Pro crash log with the appropriate date


            The crash log will be really long, so just copy the first 50 or so lines from the crash log, and paste in a reply here.