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FileMaker Pro Help - Wrong information about Script Triggers: OnWindowOpen/Close

Question asked by alan.stirling on May 2, 2012
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FileMaker Pro Help - Wrong information about Script Triggers: OnWindowOpen/Close


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X - 10.7.3

Description of the issue

The Help file for FileMaker Pro provides the wrong information about the Script Triggers: OnWindowOpen and OnWindowClose.

On the page headed: Setting Up Script Triggers, there is a diagram listing all 20 Script Triggers, with OnWindowOpen and OnWindowClose at the bottom. Alongside the list are flags to show 'Before Event' or 'After Event'.

These flags are shown the wrong way round, as OnWindowOpen should be flagged as 'After Event' and OnWindowClose should be flagged as 'Before Event'.

Steps to reproduce the problem

This is an issue with the contents of the FileMaker Pro Help file.

Expected result

I have checked the actual Script Triggers, by setting them within a test file and the OnWindowOpen is definitely a 'Post' Event trigger, whilst the OnWindowClose is definitely a 'Pre' event trigger.

Actual result

The 'Pre/Post' setting for the OnWindowOpen Script Trigger should be the same as for OnFirstWindowOpen and the setting for OnWindowClose should be the same as for OnFirstWindowClose, but on the Help page they are shown having the opposite settings.


This is an error in the FileMaker Pro Help file as distributed with FMPA 12.0.1