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    filemaker pro instantaneously sharing



      filemaker pro instantaneously sharing


      FileMaker Pro



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      osx ipad mini

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      Hi every one,

      It seems quite easy but I did not find the solution now.

      I would like to work on the same time on my FM file with a WI-FI connexion with two Ipad. My database is stored on the imacHD. I just found information concerning doing that with a local network. With dropbox I will have some conflicting duplication.
      I do not use FM server because, I just need it for few people on the same time.

      Any help?

      Thank you

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          Steve Wright

               1. I would not use dropbox to attempt to simultaneously access a filemaker file, EVER!

               It can corrupt the file, will lead to multiple versions of the file on dropbox etc etc, since the data files are constantly being written to.
               Its simply not designed for that purpose.


               Instead, turn on Network Sharing in FileMaker Pro, you dont necessarily need server to achieve the same outcome.

               A quick read:



               Accessing via 3G will require you to forward the network ports (via your router settings) to the PC with filemaker pro on, otherwise you are unlikely to be able to connect to the remote file outside of your local network.  If the WIFI connection is the same local network, i.e connecting to the same router, then setup should be straight forward as per the guide above.