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    Filemaker pro is disconnecting clients randomly "Client "abc"[192.x.x.x] no longer...



      Filemaker pro is disconnecting clients randomly "Client "abc"[192.x.x.x] no longer responding:connection closed (10)


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 - 64 bit

      Description of the issue

      Hello Experts,
      I have a client server set up and the clients are disconnecting randomly from database with the error on clients as "Communication with the host was interrupted". There are 12 users in total.
      I checked the power options and set them not to go in sleep mode , screensaver disabled , NIC is on IPV4, network cable is healthy and no issues are there. Ping request is also not showing any network packet loss. Also checked that there is no idle time set for clients to disconnect in Filemaker server 11 console as well as in File\Security\.
      Cleaned the junk files from system, exceptions are also added in firewall and antivirus for .exe and .fp7 file types.
      It disconnects during any time of the day and is really frustrating.
      Any permanent fix for this issue will be really appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.


      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open the application and keep it idle and suddenly the error pops up , clicking on OK close all the files and filemaker.

      Expected result

      The clients should not disconnect.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established.All effected windows will be closed.


      Attahced is the screenshot for FileMaker Server log.


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          Alex S:

          Thank you for your post.

          When clients connect to a hosted file, FileMaker Server keeps track of that client.  When the client closes the file, FileMaker Server then closes the connection to the hosted file.  While connected, FileMaker Server will check every minute to make sure the client is still connected.  This is done in case the client suddenly crashes, unexpectedly quits, or network is severed.  FileMaker Server will then check for two minutes for a connection, and if it cannot reconnect, then FileMaker logs that the client is no longer responding and the connection is closed.  This allows the client to login again to the hosted file.

          Since there appears to be several disconnects logged in Server around the same timeframe, I'd check the network connection to the server rather than to the clients.  Monitor the network traffic on the server and/or check the system server logs for possible reasons for the break in network activity.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            If a client uses something like Citrix Terminal Server to access FileMaker and then closes their Citrix session without first quitting FileMaker, would you get such an entry in the log?

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              If the user closes the Citrix session, FileMaker Server will try to ping the Citrix session for two minutes.  If no response, the connection will be closed.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                This problem is one I'm experiencing also.  I'm running Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition and Filemaker Server v13.0.10.1004 with Filemaker 13.0v9 client software on Windows 7 SP1 clients.


                It is absolutely NOT a network issues as we've swapped cables, switches, NIC cards and even domains, DHCP servers and DNS servers.  We have really done a lot on the network side to rule out a problem there.  But, the problem persists and it affects all clients but not simultaneously.


                We just get the message the Server 13 has lost connection with the client. 


                I saw one thread that implied that Server 2012 R2 was not supported, but the Filemaker compatibility chart says that Server 2012 Standard is supported as a minimum.  That to me would suggest that MS Server 2012 R2 Standard is supported.

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                  Benjamin Fehr

                  Wouldn't help you much to know that this is presumably resolved with FM15. Actually, great improvements been done with network connections with FMS15, FMP15 and FMGo 15.



                  Will FMI fix any known bugs with FM14 and FM13 after FM 15 arrived?

                  What is the life-cycle of a FM Release until FMI stops any maintenance, fixes and support?

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                    Benjamin Fehr:


                    > Will FMI fix any known bugs with FM14 and FM13 after FM 15 arrived?


                    Unknown.  However, looking at past history, It has been rare for previous versions to receive an update after the release of a current version.  The last time this occurred was FileMaker Pro/Server 13.0v10 released after FileMaker Pro/Server 14.0.1, and that was to fix security issues.



                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      This constant disconnect issue even with Idle time expanded and Security in Clients set to "Don't disconnect users on idle" is just killing us.  I mean it's seriously more than bad for us.  Customer impacting is saying nothing of what this has done to our operation.  We just can't use all the databases we've created and used for years because we were forced to upgrade due to Microsoft's XP abandonment.  This is just ugly.


                      The most common remedy we see on blogs is  "go look at your network" which of course we and apparently other users have put countless hours into only to come right back and look squarely at Filemaker as the single, sole source of our constant disconnection of clients  problem.


                      Who would release this?  I want to through this software on the ground and step on it. Really.  Who does this?


                      Now it appears that in order to fix, we need to "upgrade" and then pay permanently forever the new pay per  year plan.  Oh, how lovely.  I'm not liking this at all.

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                        Thank you for your posts.


                        As mentioned in a previous reply, FileMaker Server will ping clients to make sure they are still connected.  If after two minutes, a connection cannot be established, FileMaker Server will disconnect the client.  This doesn't mean the client is idle using FileMaker.  It means FileMaker Server can no longer see the client, and this results in the "Connection with the host was interrupted" error message.


                        First, make sure all necessary ports are open.  For FileMaker Server 13, see Knowledge Base Article #12120:

                        Ports used by FileMaker Server 13 | FileMaker


                        If the server has a firewall turned on, temporarily turn it off and see if the issue occurs.  Also, make sure the router isn't blocking some ports.


                        "Benjamin Fehr" is making a supposition that this is "presumably resolved with FM15".  This issue will still occur if ports are being blocked, plus there are additional ports that need to be open.



                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Thank you TSGal very much for pointing us in the direction of Firewalls at the server.  We've pulled firewall software off of one client while another client has added an exception for Filemaker but that hasn't solve the disconnect problem. But, we didn't do that at the FM Server (which is a Windows 2012 R2 Server). We have observed that the interval for connection disruption is variable and so it does seem to us that it would not likely be a Filemaker Server to Client issue unless some intermediary function is causing the issue.  For example, firewall, router, switch, NIC card, etc. 


                          We have changed literally everything, including NIC cards, switches, even servers and server software (we've reinstalled).  But the problem persists without even a hint of diminishing.  So, of all that we've done, we can somewhat conclude that this is not a switch, NIC, network or even Server software problem....but something deeper.  A firewall issue at the Server level could be it.


                          For now we just disabled the standard Microsoft server software Firewall so we can validate whether that is the source of the problems.  Hopefully it will be and I'll report back here that is the source of the problem.  If it is, as I hope to find out, we may need help with your recommendations on how to turn it back on and "allow" the Filemaker Clients to communicate through the Windows Firewall properly.  The firewall is an important safety tool in our network, so we would need to know how to allow it to work with the FM clients.  But, that's once we conclude the Firewall is the problem...which I'll report within a few hours, once we have some evidence on that.


                          Thank you again TSGal.  Your direction on this is more than helpful...it could be a lifesaver!

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                            Well, we are still disconnecting even after turning off Windows Firewall on the server.  The test we are running is with two FM Pro 13.0v9 clients on Windows 7 laptops...both have every power saving and sleep feature disabled.


                            While in FM server's admin control, I turned on notifications through email for warnings and errors.  Since then, I'm seeing an interesting pattern of email notifications coming to me from our Filemaker Server Software.  Of course I see that Filemaker is saying that the two clients are no longer responding and that it disconnects them with disconnection code 51 (which is the primary problem we are having)...but I'm also getting FM security alerts that  say, "authentication failure on database..." from our Windows 7 login names.  We aren't using our Windows 7 login names to log into Filemaker.  We are using our first and last names with a space between them because we have a lot of scripts that use our names in that format.  Is that something to consider in this problem....that our Windows 7 user name is NOT the same as our Filemaker Client Login user name?

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                              Error 51 is still a timeout message, and it is definitely attributed to network issues.  Again, the client and host ping one another every 60 seconds.  If there has been no other network activity to the host, and the host doesn't hear from a client for two minutes, then it will disconnect with an error 51.  Since all sleep settings and driver settings are set to zero, revisit all NIC's, routers, switches, etc.


                              Are you seeing error 10?  If so, this would be the two minute timeout.  The error 51 indicates that the TCP connection failed when Server tried to send something to the client.


                              Is there any virus detection software on the server or automatic backup?  These could definitely cause issues with timing.  Be sure these are disabled.



                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                We changed every network component including NIC cards, switches and cables and still have the same issue and notification message shown below...based on this and so many network "swaps" we've made to validate network components, we don't believe this can possibly be a physical network issue [the only things we have NOT changed at this time are the FM clients and FM server which we have not reinstalled]:


                                FileMaker Server 13.0v10 on FMSERVER reported the following


                                2016-06-03 21:16:13.107 -0700  Warning               30           FMSERVER     Client
                                "Bill Smith (COMPUTER1) []" no longer responding;
                                connection closed. (51)


                                We also get this message some time before the disconnect which seems to show that Filemaker is not happy about security for the user through the Domain Name login user name which is not what our users have ever had to use to log into Filemaker:


                                2016-06-03 21:04:54.246 -0700  Warning               661         FMSERVER     Client
                                "Bill Smith (COMPUTER1) []" authentication failed on
                                database "Main.fmp12" using "bsmith


                                Note that "bsmith" is the domain name of the Filemaker user, not the Filemaker logon user name for Mr. Smith.

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                                  Thank you for the additional information.


                                  Assuming "Main.fmp12" is your main database file, are you using external authentication to access the file?  If so, see Knowledge Base Article #6785:

                                  Failed Authentication Warnings in the Event.log | FileMaker


                                  Since the "no longer responding" error messages are happening for multiple clients, this probably means the issue is with FileMaker Server.  Therefore, since there are so many files involved with FileMaker Server, a reinstall would be advised.  I would first stop FileMaker Server, move all database files to the desktop, and then fully uninstall FileMaker Server.  Once uninstalled, remove any leftover files, and then reboot the machine to clear out any possible memory conflicts.  Once the server reboots and you log in with administrator privileges, install FileMaker Server as this will write all new files.  Once fully deployed, copy the database files from the Desktop back into the designated Databases folder and open those files via the Admin Console.  Naturally, make sure you don't have any virus detection or third-party backup applications running as this could interfere with FileMaker Server processes.



                                  FileMaker, Inc.

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