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    Filemaker Pro Trial does not save layout changes



      Filemaker Pro Trial does not save layout changes


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      I am deciding whether or not Filemaker Pro is worthy of purchase. I spent several hours designing a layout that I wanted to try over the next few days, and see if it was effective.

      When I opened the program the following day, the layout was not saved, my design had completely changed and while all of the test contact information was there, the layout of the contact form did not contain any of the layout that I had meticulously created.

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               Can you describe exactly what you di when you "opened the program the following day"?

               Filemaker saves design and data changes automatically so these changes should be there when you revisit the file. But maybe you accidentally opened a new or different copy of the file.


               If you selected "new from starter solution", each time you select from the list of starter solutions in this way, you create a completely new copy of the file so if you created a new file from a starter solution yesterday, mades changes and then selected the same starter solution via "new from starter solution" today, you will be in a new copy of the starter solution and it then will not have any of the changes that you made to it yesterday.

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                 Sure. I opened the program by doubleclicking on it, and then clicked on "Try FileMaker Pro". When it finished opening, I clicked on the file "Contacts" under the "RECENT FILES" list. The contacts that I had entered were there, 3 of them, including pictures. But the layout I had created was NOT there. This includes a checkbox that I had made, and some other specific features that I had added. 

                 It should have been there, and the layout should have saved. 

                 I had spent a few hours experimenting with the layout, and was looking forward to working the program into my business life as I decide if it's more efficient than the excel databases I currently use.  I confess, the layout's disappearance  took the wind out of my sails, and I'm not as enthusiastic about putting any more hours into a trial run if I have to spend more hours on design and there is a chance that the design will disappear the next day. I appreciate any insight into why this happened. Thanks for responding. 


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                   melissa miller:

                   Thank you for the post.

                   I've not experienced this behavior myself, so I would like to narrow down the cause. Can we save a copy of the file to the desktop for easy reference and rename it to something besides Contacts? 

                   I sometimes get multiple copies of my database files mixed up. I'm not saying this is what happened to you, but this will ensure we work off the same file while testing. 

                   Open the file and make some changes to a layout, then quit the program and reopen. Were the new changes saved?

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                     Also, when you return to browse mode after using Layout mode to change the design of a layout, FileMaker asks you if you want to save the changes if you don't confirm, the changes are not saved.

                     If the trial version did not save layout changes, we would see a great many reports here to that effect and quite some time ago.

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                       I have had this exact same issue happen to me twice during my trial of FM Pro 12. It's SUPER frustrating. I saved my "Contacts" database to my desktop. The next day when I double-click on the file to open it, I get an error message (see screen shot). I then open FM from Finder, and then open the Contacts db from there, and all my layout and formatting changes are gone, as is most of the data. The only data saved is names. I really hesitate to spend another 3-6 hours working on layout and creating custom fields in order to determine if FM will work for our organization if I'm going to just lose it all again. Can anyone troubleshoot this with me?

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                    Tara Miller: 

                         Thank you for the post. 


                         This error will be thrown if the FileMaker Pro trial is not first opened and the Contacts.fmp12 is instead double-clicked.


                         This is a limitation of the trial, as you must first open the program and click "Try it" before a file will be able to be opened via a double-click.


                         Open the FileMaker Pro trial and then click File > Open… and choose the file to be opened. 


                         If recent changes to the file are not reflected, I suggest searching the computer for all files with ".fmp12" extension to see if perhaps more than one copy of the file was saved to multiple places.


                         What exact steps were taken to open the file? 


                         With the file opened, make changes to the layout, then quit and reopen the program. Did the new changes save?



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                           Thank you TSFalcon.

                           Ok, I just discovered something. When I opened my Contacts db, and then clicked on Edit Layout, it looks like there are 15 layouts as indicated in the upper left of the top bar. So I clicked through those and finally came across the one I had worked on on Friday. I don't really understand what all the other layouts are or where they came from. Most of them don't show any data. 

                           I will continue to work on this particular layout today and see if my changes stick. And I'll remember to open it through FileMaker tomorrow instead of double-clicking the file on my desktop.

                           Thanks again.

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                             Here is what one of the other layouts looks like.