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    FileMaker sending email out from Outlook



      FileMaker sending email out from Outlook

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      When I send an email out from FileMaker to Outlook 2007, and I've programmed it to go out without a dialog, I get a security dialog!! It should go straight out, like all the other applications on our network that have a send mail facilty (I'm not talking about sending via the server, as I would like to keep a record of the sent mail in my outlook folder). Productive computing have produced a rather expensive plugin to dissable these security dialog boxes, but should be native!

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             I've always blamed that on Outlook, not FileMaker, because it works with other email clients properly.
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            I'd beg to differ here. I researched this a while ago and came to the conclusion that FileMaker communicates with outlook in a unsafe way (Outlooks object model guard has been designed to prevent virus's and unauthorised programs from sending emails out) - i think it would be very simple for FileMaker to add a COM Addin so that it could be trusted, theres quite a few books on this and proof of the pudding is Productive computing have done it.


            To put it in context we use a number of other database products which don't produce this message when sending an email out, one comes to mind, a product called Oliver - an Austrailian library management system with its own propriety database.