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FileMaker Server 10 manual wrong install guiding

Question asked by Optimist on Jan 8, 2009
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FileMaker Server 10 manual wrong install guiding

Description of the issue

Filemaker says (here shortened):"When installing on Leopard Server disable Apache Performance Cache." Then goes on explaining "howto" and uses same text as was used for Tiger. But in Leopard Server graphical user interface the option for disablingPerformance cache does not exist. (It was there in Tiger version) This in effect makes Mac OSX-S 10.5 unsuitable for use asa FileMaker server - unless one is a command line person.Mac Server manual explanation about performance cache is also very veryobscure. This needs to be solved quickly. We have two leopard serverswaiting to be put in use as Filemaker Server and worker. Hope I just miss something essential hereAny guiding appeciated.