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FileMaker Server 10 Stops Opening if Backup runs during Startup

Question asked by JohnDuncan on May 16, 2009
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FileMaker Server 10 Stops Opening if Backup runs during Startup

Description of the issue

I have seen this happen more than once so I think I have found a bug.  FileMaker Server 10 running on OS-X Server 10.5.6 on a 2-processor 2GHz G5 with 4.5GB memory.  117 databases are hosted, one of them at more than 4GB so it typically takes about 8-10 minutes to get all the databases open. What happens is that after FileMaker Server starts and is still in the process of opening databases, a backup script that is scheduled to run starts.  At this time some of the databases are marked as "Normal" and some are marked as "Opening". The schedule runs and emails are sent for each of the "Opening" databases that it can not be backed up because it is not Open. After the schedule is completed, the databases that were still "Opening" never complete opening.  There is very little CPU or disk activity. If I do a "Close All Databases" from the FM Server Admin Console, the databases that were marked as "Opening" immediately are marked as "Closed" however the databases that were marked as "Open" show as "Closing" and never close.  Attempting to stop the Server has no effect, no log records are thrown and the server does not stop.  Attempting to stop from the terminal command "FMSADMIN STOP" produces "Connection Refused: Server is Unavailable" and give an error 9. Restarting the machine at a time that was not near to a backup scheduled execution time allowed all the databases to open but the log viewer function stopped showing any Server Event log records (although the Console app showed that the log records were being written).