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    FileMaker Server 10v2 Error- Deployment assistant Freezing



      FileMaker Server 10v2 Error- Deployment assistant Freezing


      FileMaker Server


      FileMaker Server 10v2

      Operating system version

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

      Description of the issue

      I installed 2 machine setup. Fozz is Database server and RLF is web server. During installation I select two machines and first time I entered the IP address and click lookup and found the web server. The first test communication passed and the at step 6. Deployment summary I click finish and got message that it will take few minutes to complete but it just hangs up, I let it run for 20 minutes.  I restarted the server and run the deployment assistant again but now it is hanging up once I click the Lookup after entering the IP address of webserver.

      Anyone please help as this issue has already caused me more than a week as previousl I was getting error "Error lookup"

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          Atif Khan,

          Thank you for posting.

          To begin troubleshooting this issue, it would help to confirm system requirements have been met.  It also may simplify the process if you focus on a single machine deployment at first, then once that is successful, redeploy in a two-machine configuration. 

          If there were any previous installations of FileMaker Server, they need to be completely uninstalled.

          The master machine, where the Database Server is deployed, and the worker machine(s) where the Web Server/Engine is to be deployed, need to meet the following minimum specifications:

          Pentium IV, 3.4 GHz or higher

          1 GB of RAM, 2 GB Recommended

          80 GB Hard Drive 

          Java 6 Release 7 (32-bit)

          Web server: IIS 7.0 (Native Mode)

          The Windows Server 2008 Operating System fully tested and supported for FileMaker Server 10 is the Standard Edition SP1 (other editions may work, but some -- notably Small Business -- have been known to exhibit problems when used to implement web services).

          For web publishing to properly deploy, the web server, in this case IIS, needs to be enabled.

          If the server has a firewall, the necessary ports need to be opened for FileMaker Server to communicate:

          > All deployments: 5003, 16000, and 16001

          > Web publishing: 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS)

          > Ports 5013, 16004, 16006, 16008, 16010, 16012, 16014, 16016,16018, and 50003 must be available on the machine.

          For best performance, FileMaker Server should be installed on a dedicated machine reserved for use as a database server.  If FileMaker Server is installed in a Virtual Machine, there may be additional considerations.

          Anti-virus software should be disabled during installation, and should not be used to scan folders that contain hosted database files.

          An excellent reference for this installation can be found on the FileMaker.com site downloads:  


          Once you have confirmed that the system requirements and port settings are correct, try a full deployment on a single machine without web services.  If there are no errors, edit deployment and try deploying on the same machine with web services.  

          Please keep me posted with your progress.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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             Thanks for your feeback.

            I checked the hardware/software checklist and it is correct as per the installation gudie and no antivirus or firwall is active.

            As per your recommendation, I uninstall FM Server and reinstall it and only install the datbase server on one machine and setup completed successfully, then I run the web server deployment tool with only instant web publishing on and it successfuly communicated with IIS Server and no error found and got to report that everything is ok, once I click the finish button and got the window "Deployment Assistant is installing.. and will take few minutes" this window again freezes.

            I have Java 6 update 7, windows 2008 server R2 Service Pack 1 and more than recommended hardware.  Please let me know if I can any other test to resolve this.

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              Atif Khan,

              Thanks for the additional information.

              One other point I want to make sure is clear:  Instant Web Publishing is only available on FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server Advanced.  FileMaker Server 10.0v2 will only provide you with Custom Web Publishing services.

              This doesn't explain the hang during deployment, though.  

              Is the Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition?  This is not always obvious, and there are definitely other services that can interfere with the deployment of the Web Service.  Check the Windows System Configuration panel for Microsoft Services that are being started when the machine is booted. Make sure that there aren't any other websites configured under IIS.

              Another contributing factor may be that FileMaker Server 10 was not certified on Windows Server 2008 R2. Additional research would have to be done to find successful deployments of FileMaker Server 10 on Windows Server 2008 R2.  Perhaps other forum participants will chime in. 

              Perhaps you should try a Trial FileMaker Server 11 to see if all other factors being equal, your deployment succeeds.  At FileMaker.com under Support/Downloads, there is a link to Trial Software. Keep in mind that the server trial is for FileMaker Server 11 Advanced, so you would be able to test IWP, but wouldn't have that available to you in FileMaker Server 11.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I tried installing FileMaker Server 11 Advanced, but I am getting the attached error.

                Error 1330. File that is required can be installed because ..\Data1.cab has an invalid signature.  The may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt.  Error 266 was returened by WinVerify Trus.

                How to solve this? 

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                  Atif Khan,

                  That is a documented error.  You can find the directions on how to resolve it in Answer #9921, at this link: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9921



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Thanks TsTuatar, I have successfully installed FileMaker Server 11 on two machine setup with web publishing and is working fine.  Only thing was Java comes with software does not work so I have to install seperately but not the runtime version becz it will give an error so the workaround is to install JRE fro JDK. Jave 6 upd 24.

                    This proves that FM Adv server will not work with Win 2008 Server SP1?

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                       Hi, I am now installing FM 11 adv on other two servers with exactly same specifications and IIS is running and I can access the web page from database server but during installion I am getting the famous fileMaker error " Web Server Test Failed; unconfiguring webserver Return code=0..."

                      I have reinstalled fm server on both machine, cleaned cache and everything but still getting the same error. Any help please.