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    FIlemaker server 11 crash



      FIlemaker server 11 crash


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.6.5

      Description of the issue

      Filemaker server crashes

      Steps to reproduce the problem


      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      we have 5 crash logs, can we send them by email?

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          Thanks for posting.

          Please check your inbox for a message from me requesting the crash logs along with a few other logs.

          It might also be helpful to get a little more information.

          How frequently does this crash occur? Are you forced to reboot after a crash?

          How many databases do you currently have hosted? How many users are connecting on average?


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I received the logs you sent and it appears that you're running into a couple of different issues. Our Development department is currently aware of the one causing the Web Publishing Engine to crash but I don't think we have quite enough information at this point to pin down the issue causing the database server to crash. 

            Are you running anything else on this server beside FileMaker Server? Would you be willing to send in the recovery logs I previously requested?

            Any other information you can offer about your environment or the issue would be greatly helpful.


            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I send 2 emails, witch of the 2 did you not receive?

              It was more then 30MB total, so the 2 emails...

              Did you receive part 2, the mail with the diagnostic reports and recover logs?

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                My apologies, after taking a second look, I did receive the recovery logs in the same email as the diagnostic reports. Taking a look at the recovery logs, it doesn't appear to be a file corruption issue.

                I did not receive the first email. Please check your inbox for a message from me.


                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  This is the link to the files:


                  Some more information:

                  - This month the fmserver daemon crashed 4 times and beside that IWP crashed 4 times (diagnostic reports included)
                  - We don't have to reboot the whole server, only starting the daemons from the admin console
                  - We have 103 files hosted, most of them they don't need it more than ones a year
                  - Average users: 12-15 Filemaker users and 2-4 IWP users
                  - Some of the files like BiskPortal, Examen and IWP_Product are IWP files (related files from there are Navigation_KV, 10-11 Scholenbestand, 11-12 Scholenbestand)
                  - There is a ODBC connection with the CMS for the website, it runs ones every hour
                  Server hardware info:
                  - Xserve1,1    2 * Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2GHz, 6GB
                  - Mac OS 10.6.5
                  - Filemaker Server
                  - It is only used for filemaker and a 4D server, not as a fileserver

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                    Just to make sure it's not something simple, like a corrupt installation, let's try uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Server. Follow the instructions below and let us know if the random crashes persist.

                    1. Stop the Web Publishing Engine in the admin console.

                    2. Stop the Database Server.

                    3. Close all databases through the databases view.

                    4. Go to the Server menu on the menu bar at the top and choose Save Schedules and Groups (you'll load the xml file it saves after you've finished reinstalling)

                    5. Move the Data folder located in /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/ to a safe place (by default, this contains all of your databases, back ups, etc.).

                    6. Run the FileMaker Server 11 installer and choose to uninstall when prompted.

                    7. Reboot.

                    8. Run the FileMaker Server 11 installer to reinstall.

                    Also, I'm not sure if this would be feasible for you but temporarily setting up FileMaker Server on a separate machine entirely and attempting to reproduce the issue there would be extremely helpful in narrowing down the cause of this issue.


                    FileMaker, Inc.