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filemaker server 11 performance much worse than server 8

Question asked by JulianvanWickeren on May 25, 2011
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filemaker server 11 performance much worse than server 8


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

windows 2003 standard

Description of the issue

After moving from server 8.04 to 11.03 now we experience much worse performance, sometime all clients seem to hang for some or more seconds. Elapsed time/call en Wait time/call are very high at that time, while cpu is under 20%. Can't see what it is in 8.04 because statics are much more basic there.
We first had the issue under 11.02, but now hoped that the 11.03 fix for globals in a query (we use this a lot) would fix this, but it did not.
In 8.04 all seems to work fine and smoothly, no abnormal delays seen on client machines.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Move all FP7 files from 8.04 server to 11.03 server machine, both running 2003 server, same hardware.

Expected result

We expected higher or at least the same performance on filemaker server 11.03 compared to 8.04

Actual result

much worse performance, very high Elapsed time/call en Wait time/call, long delayes on clients.