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Filemaker Server 11 Web Server crashing

Question asked by michaelrudge on Jun 17, 2010


Filemaker Server 11 Web Server crashing

Description of the issue

==ORIGINALLY POSTED ON "USING FILEMAKER SERVER" BOARD== original thread for other user's replies with same issue.)  I am running Filemaker Server in 2-machine configuration with the database server on one machine and the web server components on a second machine. Since upgrading to FMS11 Advanced from FMS10 Advanced I am getting crashes onthe web server. Going to the IWP page I get an error saying"System Temporary [sic] Unavailable". When I log onto the console of the web server I et an error dialog telling me that the fmswpc.exe process has failed. The Windows event is as follows: szAppName : fmswpc.exe     szAppVer :     szModName : DBEngine.dllszModVer :     offset : 0007d9f8     This happens about once a week and is causing me some headaches with clients that use IWP.My setup is as followsMain Server: Windows 2008 R2 (Database Server)Web Server: Windows 2003R2 (Web Server, Web Publishing Engine)Filemaker Server 11 Advanced v What can I do to troubleshoot this issue? ThanksMichael