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FileMaker Server 12 doesn't cleanup its backups

Question asked by scottworld on Mar 26, 2014
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FileMaker Server 12 doesn't cleanup its backups


FileMaker Server



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OS X 10.7.5

Description of the issue

Hi there,

This has been an ongoing bug & ongoing problem for years with FileMaker Server, which continues in FileMaker Server 12.0v3.

We've got FileMaker Server set to make a highly backup of "all of our databases", and we've got FileMaker Server set to "KEEP A MAXIMUM OF 7 BACKUPS".

However, the problem is that after FileMaker Server has reached the 7 backups, it doesn't properly clean up after itself for the previous backups. In other words, it leaves all the old backup folders from weeks & months prior… doesn't delete the old backup folders at all.

So in the Finder, we've got a Backups folder that has hundreds, sometimes thousands, of old backup folders in it.

And what is WITHIN these backup folders, you might ask??

Well thankfully, FileMaker Server HAS deleted all of the old .fmp12 files (so FileMaker Server DID PARTIALLY cleanup after itself), but FileMaker Server LEAVES MOST OF THE REMOTE CONTAINER FILES BEHIND (.pdfs, .jpgs, etc.)!!

So we've got hundreds of MB's worth of REMOTE CONTAINER FILES (.pdfs, .jpgs, etc.) left behind in the Finder, because FileMaker Server didn't delete them when it deleted the .fmp12 files.

After FileMaker Server reaches the 7 maximum backups, it should go back and delete ALL the old backup folders (from prior to 7 days ago): it should delete BOTH the .fmp12 files AND the .pdf/.jpg/etc. remote container files.

Now what makes this bug even more bizarre is that FileMaker Server just picks & chooses which remote container files (.jpgs, .pdfs, etc.) that it leaves behind… it doesn't leave behind ALL of them, but it leaves behind MOST of them.

Can this problem ever be fixed by FileMaker Inc.? It's kind of annoying to constantly have to go into the Finder and clean up after all the old backups.

Thank you!