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    FileMaker Server 13 crashing at random



      FileMaker Server 13 crashing at random


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Server will crash randomly. When this happens all clients are disconnected. A dialog message appears on the clients machine saying the "FileMaker Database is damaged and has disconnected."

      When it crashes. The system clock is running but the system does not respond to mouse or keyboard commands. I have to press the power button to reboot.

      9 out of 10 times FileMaker Server 13 does not automatically turn on after reboot. I often have to reboot the machine a second time for FileMaker Server 13 to start up again.

      At first it appeared to crash only when "Scheduled Backups" was turned on. It would crash every night. I did a clean install of OSX and reinstalled FileMaker Server 13. Same issue happened. I sent a complete diagnostic report to Apple and they could not find any problems with the computer. I turned off "Scheduled Back Ups" and it ran for 5 days before another crash.

      I then tried to turn on TimeMachine to run a back up and the next morning at 9 a.m. it crashed.

      There are no Crash logs in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports of the incidents when clients are disconnected and Filemaker Server 13 had crashed and the system in not responsive.

      There are however several from when the system is rebooted and needs restarted again a second time.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Turning on Scheduled Backups - FileMaker Server 13 crash every day.

      Turning on Time machine - FileMaker Server 13 crash every day.

      Now after 5 to 6 days FileMaker Server 13 crashes with either of the above turned off.

      Actual result

      Once a day FileMaker Sever 13 crashes with Filemaker Backups turned on or Time machine. One or the other and the Server will Crash once a day.

      Now with all backups off it crashes approximately after 5 days.

      Configuration information

      Only FileMaker Server 13 is running




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               There are now about a half dozen threads here in Report an Issue that report random crashes with Server 13. You may want to scroll down through the issues a bit and read what others and the TS staff have posted on this issue to see if your issue is similar or different.

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                 Chris L:


                 Thank you for the post. 


            "I then tried to turn on TimeMachine to run a back up and the next morning at 9 a.m. it crashed."


                 Much of this reply will be repeated for other users who encounter this thread instead of your other report here:


            FileMaker Server 13 is unstable after scheduled backups


            "Only FileMaker Server 13 is running"


                 If Time Machine is running, this is not the case.


                 "Time Machine, like other third party backup utilities, should be configured to exclude the FileMaker Server folder. As with FileMaker Pro, Time Machine backups may be corrupted if FileMaker Server attempts to open a large file that Time Machine is currently backing up.


                 To exclude FileMaker Server from the Time Machine backup list:


                 1. Open Time Machine from within System Preferences.

                 2. Click Options. Click the "+" button underneath the "Do not back up" list.

                 3. Navigate to [hard disk]/library/FileMaker Server/

                 4. Click Exclude. Click Done."


                 For more information regarding FileMaker and Time Machine, please review the following knowledge base article:


            FileMaker and Time Machine

            How does FileMaker interact with Time Machine?



                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Thanks I have turned Time Machine Off.

                   So FileMaker Pro is the only thing running.

                   FileMaker Pro will not run it's own backup. I have had to turn that off so it will run at least 4-5 days.

                   I have run file checks to make sure the Filemaker file is not corrupted so that is fine.

                   The users are not doing anything or using FileMaker when it crashes they are either coming in in the morning to find out that they have been disconnected and filemaker has crashed. 

                   Or they have come back from lunch and it has been idle and they are disconnected and FileMaker has crashed.

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                     I have had all backups turned off nothing is running beside Filemaker Server. It has run for a week now but the second I turn on "Scheduled Backups it crashes that night and does not create a crash log.

                     I installed a new update of Java today and had no problems getting back into the Admin console so that's good.

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                  FYI We are crashing once a week at a fairly regular interval usually a Sunday night or Monday morning. Nothing running only FileMaker Server.

                  Also it takes at least two reboots for Filemaker Server to automatically turn on.

                  I have seen other issues with Mac Mini running OSX mavericks and tried applying the fixes offered up with no luck.

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                    Just to be clear when it does crash the clients screen gets a pop up window that says "Communication with the host was interrupted"

                    FileMaker Server at that point has to be rebooted at least twice for it to turn back on.

                    I have implemented all performance suggestions as per Filemaker.



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                      Chris L:

                      Development and Testing are aware of an issue with Spotlight indexing turned on causing a timing issue with FileMaker Server during reboot.  This has been reported to Apple.  The current workaround is to disable Spotlight on the server.

                      I have attached this forum thread to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will let  you know.

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        Ok I disabled Spotlight via terminal. FileMaker Server crashed this morning showing "Communication with the host was interrupted" on the clients machines and FileMaker Server did not start up after a reboot. I had to reboot 2x's for Filemaker Server to start up.

                        So to date I have done the following :

                        1. All recommended performance requirements for FileMaker Pro Server as per FileMaker documentation. Including disabling Spotlight in Terminal.

                        2. Reformatted Hard Drive. Reinstalled OSX 10.9.4 on a brand new Mac Mini "Server" 2.3 Ghz i7 with 16GB of ram and two factory hard drives NOTE: (OSX Server is NOT installed.) reinstalled using normal 10.9.4

                        3. Reinstalled FileMaker Pro Server

                        4. Turned off FileMaker Schedules for backing up database

                        5. Turned off any third party Apple background apps.

                        Weekly reoccurring issue is the following:

                        FileMaker Pro Server crashes and the clients connected get a dialog window that says "Communication with the host was interrupted". There are ZERO mentions of the crash within the logs and NO mention of "fmserver" in any log. No mention of it in Filemaker Pro Server event logs. After performing a reboot. FileMaker Pro Server does not automatically start and a second or occasionally third reboot is required for FileMaker Pro to automatically start. Databases manually verified status "OK".



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                          This may be nothing but one thing I noticed that I took screen shots of is the following in the FileMaker Server event log from reboot it says "Starting FileMaker Server 13.0v2 x64 (4-20-14)".

                          I have installed the recent FileMaker Server Update so ?

                          On the Server screen it says Server Version

                          See Attached Screen Shots.




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                            Chris L:
                            Thank you for the reply and I apologize for the delay.
                            "On the Server screen it says Server Version"
                            The Admin Console will show the current server version and 13.0v4 is the most up to date. The logs and the Get(HostApplicationVersion) function will return v2 because that is the version of the database server.
                            This was previously reported by another user here:
                            We appreciate your willingness to troubleshoot this issue and all your assistance with trying to narrow down the reason for the process crashing. 
                            Are any third party server side plugins being used?
                            Additionally, we would like to review the system information file and most recent server logs for the machine to see if we can determine any reason for the crashes. Please check your inbox at the top of this page for the submission instructions.
                            FileMaker, Inc.
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                              Thanks we have had two Crashes this week. One when someone tried to insert a .png file into a container picture field. That's the first time for this. And this morning when the first person arrived the server was hung with a spinning wheel and the screen was blinking. I will send a video. It took three reboots for the server to turn back on after this mornings crash.

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                                I see so many posts of Mac Mini's running Mavericks that are having strange crash issues I wonder if FileMaker is combining these issues or treating each one on its own?


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                                  Here is the video of the server this morning.


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                                    Chris L:

                                    Send in your FileMaker Server log files and well as the system log file.  This will give us a better idea of what may be causing the crash. Use the same address provided by TSFalcon two days ago.

                                    No, we are not combining these issues.  All issues are treated separately.  After evaluation, if we see any similarity to another issue, we may then group it at that time.

                                    FileMaker, Inc.

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