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FileMaker Server 13 installation web access

Question asked by ReSys on Jul 4, 2014
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FileMaker Server 13 installation web access


FileMaker Server


13.0.1 and 13.0.2

Operating system version

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Description of the issue

Both the version 01 installer and the version 02 updater need access to the web for a download from Microsoft. When installing on servers using a user account and proxy server that doesn’t allow access to the internet, the installation slows down, but then appears to complete. When the installation is later updated to version 02 the updater fails to run.

The release notes include a list of things to check before installing and updating FM Server 13, but there’s no mention of the need to ensure the host’s current user account has web access.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Install and update FM Server 13 with no web access.

Expected result


Actual result

FM Server 13 appears to be installed, but is apparently incomplete.

Configuration information

Internet proxy server and very locked down access privileges. I don’t know the exact details because the customer doesn’t tell. They’re a government department with tight security.


Use another proxy server account to log in to a public website before installing or updating FM Server 13.