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FileMaker Server 13.0.1 freezes/hangs

Question asked by scottworld on Apr 29, 2014
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FileMaker Server 13.0.1 freezes/hangs


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X 10.9.2

Description of the issue

Hi there,

We just installed FileMaker Server 13.0.1 this weekend on a brand new Mac Pro running OS X 10.9.2.

We're having problems where FileMaker Server 13.0.1 freezes.

All 36 client computers get the spinning beach ball when they're trying to use FileMaker Pro (12.0v5 or 13.0v3). If we go into the FileMaker Server Admin Console, certain parts of the interface seems to be "stuck" as well. For example, we can choose to "disconnect all clients", and the clients actually DO get disconnected… yet the Admin Console still shows that all 36 client computers are still connected.

Even worse, when we try to "close" the databases, the databases get stuck permanently in the "closing" state. This seems to be accurate… because the databases never finish closing properly.

Even using the Start/Stop button in the upper right corner of the FileMaker Server Admin Console doesn't do anything. It doesn't stop the FileMaker Server Admin nor does it unfreeze it. The button will actually toggle cosmetically, but it still lists all clients as connected (even though they were disconnected), and it still lists the databases as stuck in the "closing" state (which they actually are stuck in).

It turns out that the databases NEVER WERE closed successfully, because we restarted the machine and when the machine came back up, FileMaker Server reported that the database was closed improperly and it was performing a consistency check on the database file. Luckily, it passed the consistency check, although I am still concerned about the file.

Is there any way to tell why FileMaker Server 13.0.1 froze? Any logs to look at or analyze? (In the meantime, we are probably going to downgrade this machine to FileMaker Server 12.)