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FileMaker Server Admin Console not updating properly

Question asked by on Jul 22, 2009
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FileMaker Server Admin Console not updating properly

Description of the issue

Hello, running FM Server v on Windows 2003 64bit when FM Server first starts up, it behaves as expected. after some time, not sure exactly how long, but I suspect till a backup schedule runs, it ceases to update itself properly and ceases to be able to send commands to the server properly: the list of users becomes frozen and does not update, as does the list of databases, and sending commands such as to shut down a database fail. in addition, and this may be a clue, in the list of schedules, backup jobs are stuck on status "running" and sending a command to run a schedule fails. This is a real problem for us, please could you let me know if it is a known problem and if a solution is forthcoming. ThanksConstantine  the only solution is to restart FileMaker