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    Filemaker server advanced 10 IWP access problem on web


      Filemaker server advanced 10 IWP access problem on web


      FileMaker Server


      Filemaker server advanced 10

      Operating system version

      windows server 2003

      Description of the issue

      HI ,

      I am a newbie and i am sure its a tiny simple click that i am missing :) I set up a server  with filemaker server advance 10. Its up and running. I can accessto database  in my home network with numbers.  with fmp7 extentions i can access to my database from internet. With different ip address in allover city filemaker pro 10. So i know I have no problem accessing  with pro versions.The only problem which is very important for me, i cant access my IWP from the web.

      here is the info what i have

      *Filemaker Server 10

      *Filemaker pro 10

      *Windows 2003 server


      *all the database open and normal and checked for IWP

      *On Router 80 and 591 and 8080 ports open

      *I can access in my network  but no access /fmi/iwp outside of my network

      *People can access to my network  with filemaker pro

      *On server IWP enabled

      So whats the problem that i can access to my server  with filemaker pro but i cant access with IWP to my server?

      Please  help !!!!!!

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          Thank you for posting.  I apologize for the late reply.

          I'd like to get some additional details in order to help sort out what is going on.

          It is frustrating for me when I'm sure I've "checked all the boxes" and I still can't get something to work; it does look like you have been going over all the settings….

          When you configure port forwarding for FileMaker Network Sharing, you are using Port 5003.  This isn't the port that IWP uses, so maybe that's what we need to focus on.

          There is a difference between a port being 'open' and being 'forwarded'.  Is it possible that you have checked that 80, 591 and 8080 are open, but they are not forwarded?

          Also, if the port you have designated for your Instant Web Publishing isn't Port 80, you need to append the port number to the URL (check that URL displayed in the Instant Web Publishing dialog box.

          I realize it have been several weeks since you posted, so if you have resolved your issue, please post that here so that others may benefit.



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            Yes i solve the problem, i wrote it here but i guess it didnt go thru. I forgot to check very important and first thing . internet service provider :))))))

            Most of them automaticly blocks all 80,591,8080 ports. Becasue most of the poeple trying to run private servers. So for those who wants to run those kinda servers they can open business accounts with static IP's. So ISP's can make big bucks too. I applied for business internet services and of course everything started to wok perfectly. So from the begining  my filemaker server advanced was working perfectly.

            Thanks for your respond. After 3 weeks of trying , i learned the hard way  for easy solution