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FileMaker Server Advanced 11 ODBC Logging Not Working

Question asked by smower on Mar 16, 2010
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FileMaker Server Advanced 11 ODBC Logging Not Working

Description of the issue

I am impressed with the ease of installation, new capabilities and speed improvements on the new ODBC drivers with FMSA11. I was trying to run the new logging of long ODBC queries with the checkbox in the DSN setup. However, when I run long queries, nothing seems to get logged. I can open the log file but it always comes up blank. Has anyone been able to get the log file to log anything?  I saw that another user wrote "I've only had success with the query log when the DSN is accessing a local database shared with FileMaker Pro 11.  I've tried both user and system DSNs with FMSA 11 on both Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows 7 without any luck. I first thought it was a permissions issue, but I've tried placing the log file in various locations and making it writable by everyone. Still no luck."