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FileMaker Server causes corruption of FM files

Question asked by patrick.risch on Oct 16, 2009


FileMaker Server causes corruption of FM files

Description of the issue

ServerOS: MacOS 10.5.8 ServerFM Server: 10.0v2 Advanced ClientOSs: MacOS 10.6.1, Windows Vista SP1FM Client: FMA 10.0v3 Our Setup:We are developing in a small team. The files are hosted by FMSA, all development is done there.Server did not crash, hang or whatsoever. The corruptionRandomly I like to clean up my development files of obsolete fields and delete them.The deletion works without any problem. No error messages, crashes whatsoever. In two cases I could not explain myself certain behaviour of my files, therefore I took a copy of the server and run the recover command on it.Result: The files were damaged. Great.  In both cases there where recovered libraries. Checking the content of the recovered library object (Container), it showed that it contained the fieldcontent of the (some) deleted field. The deleted field have always been of type: container, last time the content was a FileMaker Plugin (Windows). This happened now twice. So therefore I ask all of you:Do you experience the same or similar problems with corruption like this?   Needless to say, that we cannot run the recover command every-time we deleted a field just to check if something has gone hayward. But maybe we must, before continuing with development.  Cheers Patrick