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FileMaker Server crashes one database and shows error code 618

Question asked by MikeHammer1034 on Jan 5, 2011
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FileMaker Server crashes one database and shows error code 618


FileMaker Server


FileMaker Server Pro

Operating system version

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition

Description of the issue

We have several databases and for some reason one of the databases will close with error 618. However they will only close during the hours between 10PM EST and 11PM EST. We currently run a FileMaker backup every 3 hours. The backup that is close to that time is at 9PM EST and 12AM EST, so an hour before and an hour after when the failure happens. This issue was going on when we also ran FileMaker Pro 10.3 and FileMaker Pro Server 10.0. Could this be a Backup related issue and/or user related issue.  Errors are very random seems to happen once a month and around those times.  Anti-Virus runs well before 10PM EST.

Steps to reproduce the problem

unable to reproduce.  Errors are very random, seems to crash once a month at or round the same time.

Expected result

To not have the system crash any databasee

Actual result

Still crashing databases.  The last 3 times it crashed it crashed one database at 22:50 on 1-3-2011. time before 22:52 on 12-19-2010 and 22:51 on 11-17-2010.  Two times the same database the other a different database

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

FileMaker Server on XXXXX reported the following event:

2011-01-01 22:50:41.441 -0500     Error     618     XXXXX     Database or temporary file "I - SAMPLE SHIFT SUMMARY" is damaged and has been closed. (20402 : 33 : 5187)

FileMaker Server automatically sent you this email.  Contact the administrator if you no longer want to receive these notifications:

Configuration information

Server Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition- FileMaker Server Pro 11 is running on it.
Clients running Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional- each client has FileMaker Pro 11.2 or FileMaker Pro 10.3.

FileMaker Server runs a backup every 3 hours.  However the server where FileMaker Server is installed also runs Symantec Backup exec. Endpoint protection.  Along with file and print sharing.


I have to log into FileMaker Server Admin Console and restart the database that closed.  ( This really isn't a workaround) However that is how I have to fix it in the mean time.  Well until it crashes again.