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    FileMaker Server Error



      FileMaker Server Error

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        I am getting the following error when a backup schedule runs. I have checked the FileMaker Server help and could not find an answer. Do you know what is causing this problem or even better how to prevent this error from happening?  ---FileMaker Server on FileMaker Server (A) reported the following event:  2009-05-23 10:00:44.058 -0700    Error    685    FileMaker Server (A)    Error occurred while deleting backup folder "filewin:/E:/10 AM/10 AM_2009-05-20_1000/", some files or folders could not be deleted. (20402)---  On a side note, FileMaker Pro and Advanced include documentation on FileMaker errors, is there documentation on all of FileMaker Server error codes? I have been unable to find any? Thanks.

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          Thank you for your post.


          First of all, there is no documentation available for FileMaker Server error codes because most of the error codes can be confusing and misleading.  There are a few documented in Knowledge Base Articles.


          The error message "some files or folders could not be deleted" is pretty straight-forward, and the usual cause is a file (or files) does not have full read/write privileges.  If a folder or file is set to Read Only, then FileMaker Server cannot remove it.  Check the privileges for all files in that folder and make sure they are set to Read & Write.



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