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    FileMaker Server FMS 10 schedule back up error 494



      FileMaker Server FMS 10 schedule back up error 494

      Description of the issue

      Testing schedule back up after installing et configuring FileMaker Server 10 (on a new server machine) result in a error 494The destination folder, with the timestamp is created but the file to back-up isn't copied in.The log viewer reports (the french version of FMS is used) :Erreur 494 Sauvegarde abandonnée. Destination de sauvegarde non valide : "filewin:/F:/Back-up horaire volatile_2009-05-14_0745/E:/Bases de donnés serveur birdy principal/Dons.fp7".That means "back-up not fulfilled. Destination path not valid..."Strangely the destination path reported is the concatenation of the destination path and the path of the file to back-up (original file path). Is it a bug in the log formulation ? Or Filemaker Server is it really trying to use this filepath that doesn't make sense ? I've think about a folder's permissions problem but strangely filemaker is able to create the folde. So why should not it be able to write the file. Choosing the "C:"partition or "E:", a dedicated back-up partition doesn't change anything to the issue The configuration is Xeon based server machine under MS Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2. This issue prevent me to deploy filemaker server. Thanks by advance for help.

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          Check your Database Folder and Backup Folder file paths.


          There is a known bug where FMS 10 that might explain this. FMS 10 will accept a path as "valid" on the console screen when it is not in fact valid due to a missing slash. If I remember correctly, this happens if you leave out the slash either before or after the drive letter.

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            Thanks for your answers. It helped me to find the cause of the trouble.


            What was true is that the Filemaker Server console returns me that a path was valid when it wasn't.


            The problem what not one of a missing slash. It dealed with the alternative default folder for data.


            According to white papers, I've divided the hard disk of my server in 3 volumes "C:" for the system, "E:" for the data "F:" for the back-ups.

            And in the preferences of the Filemaker admin console, I've simply specified "filewin:/E:/" as alternate folder for the data.


            The folder "birdy-serveur-principal"of my solution is placed at the root of the volume "E:"


            The problem was solved by specifying ""filewin:/E:/birdy-serveur-principal/" as alternate folder for the data.


            Thanks a lot for the inspiration