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FileMaker server not passing on related field info to WPE

Question asked by tantruong on May 4, 2010
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FileMaker server not passing on related field info to WPE

Description of the issue

Products Involved: FMSA 11 OS Involved: Windows Server 2003 SP2Does not happen on Mac OS X 10.6 Detailed Description: When a request to the WPE is made and there is info to a related table in a different file on the same server, the information comes back as blank.  This does not happen if the related table lives in the same file as the original table. It does not matter if the WPE is on a separate machine or on the same machine as the server and does not matter if the WPE is a Mac or Windows machine. It is happening on existing files as well as on brand new files. Steps to Recreate Issue: Create two databases, customers and orders. Add fields to both and create a relationship between any two fields.  Add data and add a layout called 'web' to the customers file. This layout should have data from both files on it.  Then send this command (adding IP address of server at beginning) using a web browser to the WPE machine: /fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=customers&-lay=web&-lop=and&id.op=bw&id=0007630&-max=100&-skip=0&-find Expected Results: You should see data from the customers file as well as the orders file. Actual Result: Just data from customers file shows up.  There are place holders in the XML for where the fields and data from the Orders file should be but they are blank like so: 0000763005/04/2010Tan5612 34th Ave. Additional info: This was working fine when the server was running on FMSA 10. I did a second uninstall and wiped out all FileMaker application and configuration files and re-installed and the problem still persists. This is happening on two different Windows 2003 servers. The fact that the problem still persists when I use a Mac WPE makes me think that the server is the issue.