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Filemaker Server receiving requests from IP address

Question asked by lanclos on Nov 23, 2010


Filemaker Server receiving requests from IP address


FileMaker Server


10.2 server

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I have noticed that I have WPE requests coming from some web pages at my hosting company. The IP address of my hosting account shows up in the filemaker server logs but that is all of the information I have. Is there any way to trying to determine what php page this traffic is actually coming from since I have been unable to track it down.

The filemaker server client panel shows the following ...

user name     type       IP address        open db's    connect time     client version
admin            fmapp        3                11/16/10         Pro 9.0v3

Thats a sample of what shows up. How can I track down where this WPE request is coming from ? Does it appear anywhere in the logs so I can look for it? Can I restrict the traffic for the WPE requests to only come from a certain IP address?


Jon Lanclos