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    Filemaker stops Adobe  Switchboard



      Filemaker stops Adobe  Switchboard

      Description of the issue

      I am trouble shooting a problem with adobe switchboard. It stops working every time I load Filemaker Pro Advance. I have been erasing and reloading the hard drive to solve the problem. I am on a Mac Intel and a PowerPC machine we have does not get the problem. Can Filemaker be removed completely to see if it goes back to normal? Also no other applications are affected.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Which version of FileMaker Pro Advanced are you using?


          If using FileMaker Pro 9, be sure to deactivate before uninstalling.  With FileMaker Pro 10, no deactivation is needed.  You can just remove the folder.


          There are some preference files located in the user account -> Library -> Preferences folder (com.filemaker.* ) but none of those files should affect Adobe Switchboard.



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