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Filemaker under Snow Leopard will not start up!

Question asked by cribscapes on Nov 23, 2009
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Filemaker under Snow Leopard will not start up!

Description of the issue

I got a new Macbook Pro laptop running Snow Leopard and updated it to 10.6.2. I then migrated all my files from my previous 10.5.x? Laptop and commenced working.  Everything ran fine for a couple of days - including Filemaker   A couple of days ago, Filemaker crashed after opening.  All the files open up then before you can even get to a key, Filemaker Crashes!  I have reinstalled the OS and Filemaker several times to no avail.  I have tried other filemaker files - nope. Since then, a couple of other apps have started exhibiting the same behaviour!Any Suggestions?Thanks,Neil