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FileMaker v10 Printing Crashes on WIN 7

Question asked by RecPro on Feb 25, 2010
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FileMaker v10 Printing Crashes on WIN 7

Description of the issue

Hi, I am unsure if this is a bug or some other type of problem.  We have a client who has been using a solution for several years without problems.  They recently updated their workstations from WIN XP to WIN 7.  Now at random intervals, but mostly related to printing reports, they get a WIN 7 error message that FileMaker has crashed and will be shut down. We tried moving the files from the original server running FileMaker Server v8 to another server running WIN Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 with FileMaker Server Advanced v10, but the same problem occurs.  The workstation is running WIN 7 with FileMaker v10.3. Any ideas why this may be occurring? We are trying to test to see if other users who have been updated to WIN 7, but are still running FileMaker v9, experience the same problem. I can send a copy of the "Application Error" report from the event viewer if that would help to shed some light on the problem. Thanks,Paul