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Filemaker web viewer forgets keychain password

Question asked by DanPouliot on Oct 25, 2013


Filemaker web viewer forgets keychain password


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mountain Lion, Mavericks

Description of the issue

Last year I posted the following on Apple's discussion forums:

I have a FileMaker database (11) that loads a password protected web page into a web viewer. Normally, FileMaker remembers the password in my keychain, so it never asks to me authenticate.

Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, every time I restart FileMaker, it asks me to re-authenticate. Every time I check "remember this password in my keychain", to no avail.
Others chimed in that they too were experiencing this bug. Another thread suspected this was an Apple issue:

This bug has persisted through to Filemaker 12.05 and Mavericks. :(

Steps to reproduce the problem

create a web viewer that accesses a web page that requires authentication (in my case, an ubuntu server with authentication provided via .htaccess)

Expected result

the first time you access the web viewer, a Mac dialog asks for your credentials, with a checkbox "remember this password in my keychain". upon checking the checkbox, Filemaker should remember the password, even after quitting.

Actual result

Filemaker only remembers the password until quitting. Relaunching Filemaker and accessing the web viewer requires re-authentication. This behavior was not the case with Lion.