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    FileMaker's AppleScript Dictionary



      FileMaker's AppleScript Dictionary

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      FileMaker Pro has really turned its back on AppleScript -- it looks like FileMaker hasn't updated its AppleScript dictionary since about version 5 of FileMaker Pro. For example, the FileMaker AppleScript dictionary STILL doesn't recognize "variables" after all these years. It's a real shame, particularly for a company that is owned by Apple. And it makes things much more difficult for developers who want to use AppleScript within their FileMaker solutions to do things that FileMaker can't natively do on its own.

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             I heartly second that
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            Variables from FM can be used in a Calculated Applescript, but it's a real pain. The calculation must evaluate as text, for example, and given that Applescript, in certain circumstances ("do shell script" for example), expects the script to be in quotes, you have to use the Quote function as well as all the other " "s to evaluate properly. This is a clumsy and outdated method. I agree that the Applescript library needs work. Right now I'm spending far too much time getting FM to talk to Applescript to talk to the OS etc. There's got to be another way.



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              Thank you for your post.


              I have forwarded this information to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for consideration in a future release.  I would also recommend that you enter this information into our Feature Suggestion web form at:




              The entries from this web form are monitored by members of Development and Product Management.


              I could easily copy your post and paste it into the form, but there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.


              When entering the request, please don't just say "Add this feature".  I have noticed that more attention is given to entries that have real-life examples.  Explain what you are trying to do, and how this feature would help you.



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