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    Files won't open and upgrade request



      Files won't open and upgrade request


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X   10.6.8

      Description of the issue

      I have two identical computers both with identical software.
      One works fine, the other won't open FMP files.  The icon in the doc is there and when I try to open a file, it acknowledges my request for 1-2 seconds and won't proceed with opening the file.
      I have reinstalled both the operating system and the app,  no luck.   I've transferred a file from the working computer to the other and it still won't open.  I've transferred a file from the non working computer to the other and everything works fine so it's not the files or the operating system.
      Once this problem is resolved, I'd like to upgrade but understand I can't jump from 5.5 to a very high version with first upgrading to a lower version.  ie  move 5.5 to 7 then 10 (or whatever).
      Please help on the first issue so I know the computer works with the existing app.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      tried everything possible, reinstalled FMP and Operating system

      Expected result


      Actual result


      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      none appear..file won't open

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          If you are going to upgrade and the file opens fine on one of the two machines, why do you care since the file appears to be OK?

          You might try running a recover of the file just to be sure.

          You might also try trashing preferences on the machine that won't open the file.

          • 2. Re: Files won't open and upgrade request
            Markus Schneider

            What happens, when You try to open the files from another user of that machine? Did You do a vanilla install of the OS (clear the disk, then install from scratch)?

            I'm doing some yearly work with FM6 on an older Mac, 10.6.8 - and this year, it did not start the fo5 files. All I had to to do was a restart of the machine (this Mac is running 7/24).

            If the files open perfect on one machine and the files are identical, I would prefer to go for the current version (FM13). You could check the files one more time using windows. You can also do a test-run on FM11 (don't use anything older than FM11 for .fp7, IMHO).

            When migrating from fp5, there will be some work to do... file references, commit in scripts, opener scripts and more - but the fm-solution should run fine after migration and finishing the 'to do's for migrating'. Take care about fonts - not all fonts are ok under current versions of FM..

            Get the trial version of fmp11, migrate the files - and go straight forward to fm13 for doing the migration work. If You have access to MetaDataMagic, do the file-reference-fixer before migrating. 

            How many files does the solution have?