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    Filmaker 9.0v3 opening problem



      Filmaker 9.0v3 opening problem

      Description of the issue

      I just installed a copy of Filemaker 9.0v3.  Installation went without a glich.  However when I go to open Filemaker it opens but shows a "not responding" message up top.  It doesn't allow me to proceed or open any files.  Any thoughts?   FYI, I just bought a new computer running Vista.

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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


          There are several reasons why this may occur.  Since this is an installation issue, please contact our Technical Support department at toll-free 800-325-2747 (if you are located in North America), and they will determine the right course of action.  If you are outside North America, please visit our web site (www.filemaker.com), and select the country in the upper right pop-up.  Then, use the "Contact Us" link to find the office nearest you.


          If you continue to run into difficulty, please let me know.



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